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Famous Caves

Updated on October 22, 2011

A cave is indeed one of the finest wonders of the Mother Nature. Below are some famous and wonderful caves of the world.

The Crystal Cave

The crystal cave or the Cueva de los Cristales is located in the Niaca mine of Chihuahua, Mexico.

The cave is perhaps the most beautiful cave of the world. It’s nearly 300 meters deep and has the largest crystals found on earth.

The largest crystal of the cave is 11 meters high, 4 meters thick in diameter and weighs 55 tons.

The cave was discovered 11 years ago in 2000 by local miners while they were excavating a tunnel. The discovery of this cave is one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century up to date.

Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave

The crystal found in the cave are some of the largest found on Earth.

These crystals are of selenite. The temperature of the cave is extreme and can reach upto 58oC.

This extreme temperature has still made this cave yet to be explored.

Another chamber was discovered in the cave in 2009.

This chamber was given the name Ice Palace and it contains smaller crystals in comparison.

Skocjan Caves
Skocjan Caves
Inside the Eisriesenwelt Cave
Inside the Eisriesenwelt Cave

Skocjan Caves

The Skocjan caves of Slovenia are the highest caves in Europe.

The caves are famous for their wonderful and amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

The caves are present next to the River Reka and the combination of both the caves and the river makes the most magnificent view.

The river flows on the surface of the first part of the cave and then disappears underground and flows through out the cave.

In 1986 the caves were entered in the list of natural and cultural world heritage sites by the UNESCO due their geographical importance.

Eisriesenwelt Cave

The Eisriesenwelt Cave is situated near Werfen in Austria is one of the longest caves in the world stretching over 42 km.

According to the scientists, the cave was formed by the erosion of Salzach River thousand of years ago.

The cave is opened for tourists from May to October during which the cave’s beauty is at the maximum.

The crystals are formed due the freezing of draining thawed snow.

Nearly 200,000 visitors come to visit the cave every year.

Lechuguilla Cave
Lechuguilla Cave | Source
Harrisons Cave
Harrisons Cave
Waitomo Glowworm Cave
Waitomo Glowworm Cave
Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave

Lechuguilla Cave

The Lechuguilla cave is present in Carlsbad Cavern National Park, New Mexico, USA. This cave happens to the fifth largest cave of the world and is 203 km long.

The cave is also the deepest cave in the North America being 489m deep. The cave is famous all over the world because of its unique geology.

Firstly the cave is huge; secondly the cave has unique speleothems which are not found anywhere else in the world. These two factors make this cave as one of the most fascinating caves of the world.

Harrison’s Cave

The Harrison’s cave is one of the most fascinating and marvelous wonders of the world. The cave is located in Caribbean island Barbados and is famous for its unique stalagmites and stalactites.

The cave is also famous for the fact that this is the only cave in the world in which the water is found running along the crystal formations.

The cave was formed as a result of erosion of a limestone rock. The cave is full of chambers, streams, water falls and lakes.

Waitomo Glowworm Cave

The Waitomo Glowworm cave is situated in the North Island of New Zealand and is so called due to the presence of a large population of glow worms that resides with in the cave.

The worms are the reason why the cave is listed amongst the famous caves of the world.

The mosquito sized larvae of the worm emit a bright light for attracting preys towards them.

At night these larvae lit up the entire cave.

The limestone formations in the cave are believed to be formed nearly 30 millions years ago when the cave was still under the ocean.

Reed Flute Cave

The reed flute cave which is also called “the palace of natural arts” is present in the north-west of China.

The reed flute cave is 240 meters long and is famous for the beautiful reed at the mouth of the cave and for the magnificent stalactites, stalagmites, unique birds and animals.

The under water river of the cave is also very popular.

The name of the cave came from an ancient belief that the reeds outside the cave turned to flute at nights.


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