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Famous Hanted Places--The Olde Angel Inn, Canada

Updated on January 31, 2011
The Olde Angel Inn
The Olde Angel Inn | Source

The Olde Angel Inn ~ Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Located south of Toronto, the town of Niagara-on-the Lake is located near the natural wonder of Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and the United States.  The Olde Angel Inn is at 224 Regent Street on the Canadian side of the Lake.  It was built in 1789 and was originally the Harmonious Coach House.  The inn was a refuge to a British soldier named Captain Swayze during the war of 1812.

When the Americans got word that the Captain was hiding at the Inn they did an extensive search and Swayze was killed while hiding in a wine barrel in the basement.  Afterward, the Harmonious was burnt to the ground and in 1815 The Olde Angle Inn was constructed on the site.

Reports of unexplained events at the new Inn began as early as 1820. A local newspaper detailed witness accounts of table settings being rearranged, phantom footsteps being heard by guests, glasses and dishes clinking together while they were still in cupboards, and mysterious conversations and laughter when no one was seen in the area. 

Recent reports by the owner of the Inn include loud banging noises heard outside his bedroom, and a horseshoe that had been nailed to a post being thrown 20 feet onto the floor by unseen hands.  The laughter and footsteps of unseen former guests still abound, as well; along with heavy drumming and the sound of a fife being played. 

Mysterious sounds are often accompanied by apparitions of eloquently dressed men and women wondering around the inside of the Inn.  A man dressed in a red coat is often seen reflected in the mirror inside the lady’s room.  This room is located in the basement very near where Captain Swayze was murdered. 

With all this activity it’s difficult to believe anyone would get a good night’s sleep at the Inn… but one can sleep anywhere—register at the Inn and bring along your camera and digital recorder and enjoy the haunted show!

Interesting side note: The Union Jack flag flies over the doorways to the Inn, not the Canadian flag, as one might expect.  The Union Jack is in honor of Captain Swayze.  It is thought that as long the British flag is waving over the doorway that Captain Swayze will stay in the basement and leave the living alone.  It doesn’t seem to be working, however. 


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    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 7 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Thanks, Christine..

      I do understand the difference between residual and intelligent...that is exactly why I thought they might behave differently vis-a-vis visible physical boundaries. ;-) I'll be sure to look up your article.

    • Christine B. profile image

      Christine B. 7 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Hi Liz~

      You need to read my article, What Do Spirits See. They don't see the same way we do therefore, they don't see walls and doorways, only energy patterns.

      Residual haunting are like tape recorded images... they do the same thing every time they are seen, i.e.:a spirit walking down a staircase, or a phantom coach with horses coming down a street on the same day every year. There is no intelligent energy with these phenomena. An intelligent haunting involves the energy from someone who was once living and is now attempting to communicate. However, as I have mentioned, intelligent spirits still do not see the same way we do, so no, it would not stand to reason that they would use our doorways.

      Hope this answers your questions. :o)

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 7 years ago from Oakley, CA

      LOL @ the Union Jack theory. Interesting.

      I think, with a spirit connected to a PLACE as opposed to a building, the spirit activity must include walking up stairs where none now exist, or through walls that used to be doors...I've heard of/seen both on shows such as T.A.P.S....

      So....are those, then, residual hauntings? Would we presume an intelligent haunting would recognize and use current stairs and "respect" walls?