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Famous Haunted Places: The Tower of London, England

Updated on November 30, 2010
the Tower of London
the Tower of London | Source

During the past 1,000 years there have been hundreds of murders, tortures and executions in this building; and most of the people who met their deaths here, never left it. 

There have been so many spirit and ghost sightings here that it would be impossible to keep track of them all. 

On the anniversary of the death of Lady Jane Grey, (2/12/1554) in 1957 a guard reported hearing a “striking sound” above him on one of the towers of the building.  When he investigated, he saw a shapeless white figure in the same location where he had heard the noise.

Another spirit that has been reported on hundreds of occasions is that of Ann Boleyn, former wife of Henry the VIII.  She was beheaded at the Tower in 1536, and has been seen carrying her head on the Tower Green and inside the building in the Chapel Royal. 

Other specter sightings that have been reported are: Henry the VI, Thomas Becket, Sir Walter Raleigh, and many others who have not been identified.  Edward V (12) and Richard Duke of York (10), who went missing and were thought to have been murdered in 1483 have been seen sliding down the staircase banister, standing at the bottom holding hands, and then they disappear. 

There has also been a ghostly reenactment of the death of the Countess of Salisbury, complete with her escaping only to be caught and hacked to death by the axe man. 

The Salt Tower is one of the most haunted areas of the Tower of London complex. It has been reported that dogs will not enter this ancient section of the building.  In 1864, a soldier saw an apparition so real, that after the figure ignored the soldier’s three challenges, the soldier charged at the intruder with his bayonet, only to go straight through the figure.

If you want to experience spirit sightings and/or ghost residual images, this is the place to visit!  There’s not much chance that you wouldn’t see something out of the ordinary on a tour of this place!


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