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Famous Inventions Of 21st Century

Updated on October 22, 2011

One of the biggest reasons for the advancement of human race has been its eagerness to know, to advance and to look for new things in every field of life.

To look for things, to make new discoveries and to invent new things, that can make our lives simpler and more comfortable.

For this reason from our very inception we, humans have tried to invent new things which is the reason that we have advanced from living in caves to living in these beautiful mansions with all sort of luxuries. In 20th century inventions of computer and internet came forward and change the world,

Following are few of the most famous inventions of the 21st century. 

Ginger Or Segway Transporter

Ginger is a brilliant invention created by Dean Kamen in the year 2001. There was a bit of mystery around this invention but once it was demonstrated, its ability was appreciated world wide.

The segway transporter is an electric power transportation machine. It is basically a personal human transporter; it uses five gyroscopes and built in computer. The segway can move at a speed of 12mph and it has no brakes. The speed and the directions can be controlled manually by the rider shifting weight and with the help of handlebars.

So far the public demonstrations have shown that segway can easily travel through grass, pavement and minute obstacles. Sensors in segway control the movement of segway. When the person moves forward, the sensors detect the motion of the rider and thus enable the segway to move forward and if the rider pushes backwards the segway moves backwards. One battery costs 10 cents and lasts for almost about 15 miles so the fuel for the machine is very affordable.

Artificial Heart

The pumping organ or the heart is one of the most precious gifts of god. At first there was no replacement to it but the first ever artificial heart was approved by FDA in 2004. 

It is made of plastic and titanium and is able enough to self contain. Artificial heart has already done many miracles.

There have been few cases when people were declared too ill by the doctors for heart transplant but artificial heart did wonders for them. This invention has proved to be ground breaking in the field of medical science and was named Time’s invention of the year.

Artificial Liver

One of the most important and complex organs of human body is liver. Liver removes the toxins from the blood and manufactures great amount of proteins, and also play part in metabolism.

The device to replace original damaged liver is now in its final stages. This artificial liver is used as a bridge for the liver transplant with as much minimal chances of liver failure as possible.

In some cases it is used to give the damaged liver sufficient time to team which may result in eliminating the need of liver transplant altogether.


We are living in a modern 21st century Smart Phone world. iPod is a portable media player which was first launched in the year 2001. But since its inception, it has revolutionized the world of modern gadgets.

High storage media devices became a cheap possibility after development of cheap and compact hard drives, with huge capacities. Apple made its first move by introducing its media player, that could store a whole library of songs. Later more versions were introduced, including the touchscreen version called iPod Touch.

Its sleek design and the way it was marketed, made it a huge success.


The first ever iPhone hit the market in the year 2007. Although smart phone have already been in the market and still there are many companies which have their own smart phones with unique capabilities. But we know the term smart phone more from the iPhone, which is a brand of Apple Inc.

Today mobiles and handheld phones have become our personal hand held computers, which have the power of computers which once took a whole room to fill. It can be further projected that this technology will further progress and in some years to come, we will see computers and smart phones at an entirely new level.

Large Hadron Collider quadrupole magnets
Large Hadron Collider quadrupole magnets

Large Hadron Collider

Its is possibly one of the greatest scientific inventions of modern times. It really more of an extremely high tech engineering feat which was achieved in the year 2008 when protons beam was successfully circulated for the first time.

By building such a large collider, scientists are aiming to unlock many mysteries of science and our universe which will open new doors for many more discoveries and inventions. The LHC is 27 km in circumference and buried 175 km beneath the Franco-Swiss border. 


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