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Farewell Speech for Seniors by Junior Students in College

Updated on April 17, 2017
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Oyewole Folarin loves writing greeting card messages and helping others find the words they need for life's special moments.

Writing a "Farewell Speech" for Senior Students

Need to write a good farewell speech for senior students leaving the school and don’t know how best to go about doing it? Writing a goodbye speech can seem like a daunting task. Sometimes, one might find it difficult to figure out what to write or say.

This article will guide you on how to go about writing your own unique message. Let them know how much their guidance and support had been very remarkable and helpful, make them feel proud, and wish them good luck in future endeavors. You can show love and appreciation through a memorable farewell/goodbye speech and make your seniors last day with you in the college a happy moment to always live to remember.

Farewell Speech for Seniors by Juniors in College
Farewell Speech for Seniors by Juniors in College

Now, how do you go about writing your own inspiring and engaging farewell speech?

Below you will find what a good farewell speech should contain. Follow this guide to craft an uplifting speech:

  • Beginning: This is the introductory aspect of your speech. Here, you need to recognize dignitaries and briefly compliment members of your audience, and state clearly the reason for attending the important occasion.
  • Middle: This is the main body of your speech. Words to describe your seniors who are leaving the college should reflect their true personality. The message you are passing across to them should be an inspiring one.Remember who your listeners are, and stay focus and warm when putting words together. Avoid the use of words that are unpleasant and embarrassing. Use short and simple sentences to express your important points. Remember to mention their attitudes, habits, social values, and achievements at the college and how they have been an inspiration to you. Recall old memories which you shared together and include the most important, inspiring, and engaging ones in your message. Mention some of their positive qualities and thank them for being so kind and helpful to you. However, make sure your speech is clear and understandable enough to your listeners.
  • End: Summarize your strongest points and remember to wish them success and good luck in future endeavors. You can also end your speech by including an inspirational quote from a famous scholar.

Brainstorm your important points. Note what should go in, and what shouldn't.
Brainstorm your important points. Note what should go in, and what shouldn't.


  • Avoid the use of ambiguity words. Write sentences that have the same meaning to you and your listeners.
  • Use fewer words to convey your message.
  • Your message should not be embarrassing to your listeners.

Sample Farewell Speech

Good afternoon respected principal, teachers, parents, our friendly seniors, and my fellow junior students, I welcome you all to this important event.

I am highly honored to deliver this farewell speech on behalf of my fellow junior students in the college. As we all know, we have gathered here this afternoon to bid farewell to our seniors who are leaving this great college to start another phase of life.

Let me start by congratulating our humble senior students for making it to this level in their quest for knowledge, surviving all the academic rigors, and being successful in mostly all extra curriculum activities both locally and internationally. Indeed, you have been an inspiration to us in so many ways.

We are happy our seniors completed their study successfully. However, it is hard to bid them goodbye because of the good interactions between us and the senior students which your batch allowed us to enjoy in the school. They are gentle, kind-hearted, tolerant, encouraging, inspiring, hard-working, and intellectually sound.

During your batch, the school received several awards and recognition both locally and internationally. When it comes to academic competition, we are second-to-none in the State. Think of sports, cultural, and other extra curriculum activities, we are par excellence and unbeatable. Much of these outstanding achievements are due to the cordial relationship between the teachers and students. We promise to emulate, uphold, and sustain this legacy.

They are not like the senior students in other schools in the district who are bullying their junior ones and causing violence which could lead to the closure of the school and disrupt academic work. Today, it is a big plus to say boldly that academic calendar was never disrupted during your time in the college.

Also, the School and Community Safety Cadet Corps which your batch facilitated and put into operation is a blessing not only to school children and teachers but to the community in general. Being climate change ambassadors and future leaders, we can use the knowledge and skills gained in sensitizing our parents, friends, neighbors, and the public on what to do before, during, and after a disaster hit in order to make our households and communities resilient to this deadly monster.

I remember when we came in as fresh students; you were there for us giving all we needed to know as newly admitted students of the college. Your guidance, tutorial, and orientation helped increase our understanding on how to pass through the school without putting ourselves into any unnecessary problem with either the school management or our fellow schoolmates. You made both learning and staying at hostel fun and enjoyable. In a nutshell, the school environment seems like our various homes where we play with our parents, brothers, sisters, and family members. Whenever we are in urgent need of something, you do go extra miles to get them for us. Despite our too much and unnecessary demands, you were patience with us and willing to do more.

It gives me great joy to say here today that we are fortunate to have met such caring, loving, friendly, and humble senior students at the time we came in as freshers in the school. We have had a lot of happy moments together in the college. You let us know how to study and live a happy life in the college without our parents or siblings. We won several scholarships and prizes at various locations during your batch. Now, let me use today’s event to ask for your forgiveness if there are ways we might have wronged you knowingly or unknowingly.

Truly, you are leaving us today, but we will all live to remember the good legacies you are leaving with us. On behalf of my fellow juniors in the college, I wish you good luck, sound health, unending success, and all the best in future endeavors.

Thank you.

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