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Fascism, still a threat to world peace

Updated on August 29, 2012

Are there fascists among us?

In America, we often think of fascism being ecdemic and something that happens far away from home. We have to feel we are protected by the United States Constitution from this form of terror. In fact supernationalistic politics are on the rise. Fascism is closer than you think.

In the United States today there are many fascists groups and fanatics. There are those who care little and know little about what it means to be a democracy. Fascism is a nationalistic anti-democratic movement. These movements appear as rediculous at first and are often ignored. This can be very dangerous for ignoring growing political threats is like ignoring cancer. You never know when or where these threats will blow up out of control. We need to keep educating and re-educating our population about the history of hate groups and the real dangers in fascism.

Fascist movements focus on simple rudimentary elements. These means are instrumental is sealing control over people. It's like a recipe for take over and they use these tactics to gain ultimate political power. First, they claim monetary resources as their own. They exploit all in industry. They claim ownership of the banks and treasuries. Then, they work towards gaining control of public media. Fascists use the media to misinform the population and influence the masses by pushing their agenda while suppressing the opinions of others. They bust up labor unions and destroy public establishments. Organizations formed by laborists for mutual welfare and collective bargaining purposes are brought down. Last, these anti-democracy extremists use militaristic means to infuse fear and suppress the civil rights of people. They seize political power by force. They move to destroy all social harmony and create an obnoxious world of violent discord. Fascists insist on using reverberating acts of military injustice to cultivate apprehension. They are only interested in their ability to gain complete control. These movements use hate to push their agenda. They have a history of working fast and taking advantage of bad situations.

We are now experiencing an economic down turn. Bad economics can bring about an atmosphere where we are more vulnerable to these unlawful uprisings than we usually are. We must keep ourselves alert to the dangers of fascism and educate our children of the warning signs of a potentially violent political outbreaks. These fascist hate movements need a charge. Hard times can be used in their favor especially, when they want to use a particuliar group of people to blame for the new challenges. Every teacher and every parent has the responsibility to teach history to our youth and facilitate understanding. Children need to learn about peace and should be taught to see hate as a threat not an option. Historical and social education is the key component in preventing new threats to our democracy. So, take time today to talk to a child. Teach that child that hate is wrong. Peace and prosperity go hand and hand and create a better world.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell

author, activist and political writer

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