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Fatal Flaws of Evolution

Updated on January 31, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

In the Beginning

Ever since Darwin concocted his version of the theory of evolution, numerous scientific experiments have been conducted to prove its validity. People have flocked to his theory as if it is an alternative to the biblical account.

Like Darwin, they could not grasp the idea of a supernatural being capable and powerful enough to speak the vast amounts of life forms, raw materials, and outer space bodies that have existed since the beginning of time.

Also like Darwin, these people had some sort of spiritual or human experience that clouded their minds with disbelief and shock that a God so powerful could not answer their requests. For Darwin, the death of his young daughter helped move hi away from belief in God and the Bible.

Yet despite all the efforts on the part of these people, evolutionists throughout history have not been able to find a smoking gun that proves their alternative origin story true. Nor have they shown through accurate scientific experiments that the process of evolution exists or influenced life.

The Declaration Not Science Claims Evolution is True

I am going to use only one example here to show that no matter how hard evolutionists try, their scientific experiments fall far short of verifying the claims they make. A brief look at the White Cliffs of Dover should suffice to make the point that evolutionists cannot verify their claims.

The White Cliffs is said to have been formed over 100 million years by the deaths of one-celled creatures. These creatures chose only one spot in the whole world to form these cliffs and they were able to create white cliffs measuring up to 300 feet high and approx. 8 miles long.

While scientists have been able to determine what makes these little creatures survive and thrive, they have not shown how they came to rest in one spot and built one set of cliffs.

A second spot may be in the development stages according to evolutionists, but like its Dover predecessor, that ultimate achievement depends on ideal conditions lasting for millions of years. That is a bit irrational to expect.

Ocean currents, ocean storms, shipwrecks and other disasters could easily intervene at any point in time. It takes a great amount of courage to state that the White cliffs of Dover developed unimpeded for a 100 million years.

Especially since no scientific experiment has verified that process as the true method in which those cliffs came into existence.

The Lack of Scientific Evolutionary Experiments

It has been recorded and mentioned hundreds of times that there have been hundreds of thousands of scientific evolutionary experiments that have been conducted over the past 150 years or so.

That may be, but not one of those experiments were actual evolutionary in nature and not one demonstrated or replicated a claimed historical evolutionary change. They all used fully developed samples that interacted with other fully developed samples.

That is hardly evolutionary. Given that the original conditions that have been claimed to be present at the time when evolutionary changes transpired were also not replicated, it is safe to say that there has not been one scientific evolutionary experiment conducted to date.

It is a fact that no one knows exactly what the original conditions were that supposedly married the evolutionary process to the then existing life forms. Even if evolutionary scientists state they know, they cannot be certain for they cannot verify their claim. They have no original samples with which to compare their conclusions.

Also, they cannot possibly know the exact conditions that were present when each evolutionary transition took place. Since, according to evolutionists, life on Earth changed over time, so did the conditions surrounding those life forms.

It is impossible to keep track of the myriads of changes that have taken place over millions if not billions of years the Earth is said to be in existence by evolution supporters.

Replicating each one and trying to verify a claimed historical change becomes an impossible task and renders the evolutionary theory invalid.

Modern Scientific Experiments Do Not Help

Many people who subscribe to the evolutionary theory claim that the modern evolutionary experiments provide proof for their theory. Bu that is like saying the presence and manufacturing of a modern car is evidence for the construction and implementation of an ancient chariot.

It doesn’t work. Especially since the evolutionary scientist has not provided a proper foundation for their claims. They may do experiments like the ones one fruit flies, and take them to 40,000 generations approx.

Yet their only result is fruit flies with a bunch of mutations that go nowhere. The other problem with the fruit fly experiment is that the evolutionary scientist is not starting with the animal’s supposed common ancestors but taking fully developed flies and adding fully developed samples to their bodies to see what result takes place.

That is not how evolution is supposed to work. At least how evolutionary researchers explain it. Without starting at the beginning, the evolutionary scientist is simply making false and empty claims about their origin alternative.

Where Does This Leave Evolution

Like Darwin and his evolutionary predecessors, it leaves evolutionary scientists holding an empty bag trying to back a theory that does not work and cannot be verified.

No matter how hard they try, they will never provide evidence that the theory of evolution is true. All they are doing is demonstrating how God’s fully developed DNA and other biological organisms interact with other fully developed DNA and other biological organisms.

Evolutionary science does not disprove Genesis chapter 1. It really exposes the flaws in the theory of evolution and demonstrate how it cannot be a viable option to God’s creative action.

Life has gone as God has set it in motion. Each kind reproduces after their kind and scientific hybrid experiments have proven this true. Crossing that boundary is impossible no matter how hard scientists try.

Some Final Words

Science fails where the Bible is concerned. That is because our origins were not of natural means. All evolutionary scientists do is create a void in life and remove hope from the people diverting them to a fake alternative.

There has never been a scientific or archaeological experiment or discovery that has proven the Bible to be false. What is used to say that the Bible is false is the same trick evolutionary supporters use to claim their alternative origin theory is correct.

They make assumptions, leaps to conclusions, they use speculation, conjecture, and hypothesis but not actual fact or real evidence. Genesis 1 remains true today like it was in the beginning.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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