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Fear of Death Keeps Us From Really Living

Updated on April 18, 2017


There are many ways to die. One may die from a vehicular crash, a deadly disease, an attack from some animal or another human, starvation or poisoning. We are all aware of how easy it can be to die and as such we humans have designed multitudes of ways to delay the inevitable. Protective equipment and clothing, advances in medicine, subjugation of animals, standards of nutrition and development of antidotes, just to name a few. But to have developed all the ways to keep death a bay one must first have a fear of death. And of course this fear is good as it keeps us alive, it keeps us on our toes and keeps our eyes open. But too much fear and it could have us always running and never allow us to close our eyes.

The Dark(er) Side of Fear

While a bit of fear of death would keep us alert, too much fear can control us. Fear of death means death is always on our mind. We fear death. We fear all the ways we could die. So we think of all the ways we could prevent ourselves dying in these ways. The problem is that all these thoughts produce more fear of death. The more we think about dying in these ways is the more we think we simply have a greater chance of dying. All these thoughts are toxic.

All this fear in our minds translate to fear in our actions. Just as we must have the thought to think to eat before we eat, the thought precedes and catalyses the action. The thought of the fear of death drives the actions to prevent death. All we see and hear is death. Our thoughts and actions become restricted, and in our fear of death, we forget how to live.

Throwing Caution To The Wind

To some degree we must learn to disregard fear. Instead of fearing death, we must embrace it. We must embrace the fact that at any moment we may lose our lives, and therefore we must live it fully all the time. We must not fear experiences but dive in and explore all life has to offer. Another irony is that all the fear we may have on Earth, that upon death, the fear will not stay will us but that the fear itself too will die.

In a sense we must die before we can live. We must kill all our toxic and restrictive thoughts and emotions. We must recognize that upon death, all these our hopes and dreams and fears and loves will suffer the same fate as our physical human bodies. Fear of death really drives us away not from death, but only from really living.


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    • ninjaapple profile image

      ninjaapple 7 months ago


      Ah yes. But on a deeper level,in some sense can we not say that you fear how this person's life would be without your presence. Also, it almost sounds more like selfishness(not the egotistical kind) in that you don't want to lose this person. Perhaps there is some love but if it was fully love you would want this person to be free and no hold them back with your fading and almost empty presence.

    • DarkMysteries profile image

      Dark Mysteries 8 months ago from Brighton

      I have never had a fear of death. Being someone who is interested in the paranormal, I am too intrigued to be scared of dying. In a way, I am looking forward to seeing if there is anything after death.

    • profile image

      Myndgazer 8 months ago

      I think it is not always "FEAR" why humans/people try to delay or avoid death... There are a lot of reasons aside from fear at all... Sometimes or most of the time, LOVE! It is just you love someone dearly that you are not yet ready to die... Love that makes you still hang on there, no matter how painful or impossible the situation is...