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Fellini got it Right

Updated on June 27, 2013
Federico Fellini from mapking
Federico Fellini from mapking
Fellini Characters from mapking
Fellini Characters from mapking
Mon as a character in a Fellini Movie from James
Mon as a character in a Fellini Movie from James

Fellini got it Right

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Fellini got it right, his brand of neorealism created such an impact on the treatment of films globally. As a screenwriter and director, his mature years were driven in part by the findings and concepts of psychologist Karl Jung, and his later works give testament to that fact.

Fellini made characters so real that their base humanity was revealed in ways that crossed the boundaries of convention and made us look at who we are, not just the superficiality of human existence. This small facet of Fellini’s reality brings to mind the conventions that govern our behaviour today. Has it changed, or are we simply human, with all the bumps and blemishes.

Anyone that claims they don’t pick their nose is either a liar or so obsessive about etiquette they can’t admit it to themselves. So where does all that booger go? Surreptitiously picked and flicked into the miniature world of ants, the sheer amount of it flicked daily in the world would surely fill a pickup truck. How distasteful.

I watch people everyday covertly digging up to the knuckle and after checking no-one’s watching, delivering the refuse into air of wiping it on some nearby surface. So next time you put your hands under the edge of a public table, don’t expect it to have no lumps. Disgusting you say, but so many people do it. What happened to handkerchiefs? My mother never let me out of the house without one. In retrospect it should have been a condom, but that’s another story.

Farting is another sublimely human fact of life. What to do in a crowded shopping centre, miles from the nearest toilet? If you can find a corner where no-one’s about, just let it fly and get out of there. Should that opportunity not be forthcoming the easing out of a silent but deadly can be accomplished by a subtle and covert move. The gentle raising of the right leg, enough to part the cheek is all that’s needed. Then, slowly but surely the bomb can be dropped; a circular about-face and quick escape is then recommended. Everyone is doing this and it takes a sharp eye for detail to catch people out. It’s a circus out there. How unacceptable we are.

Even with people and family close to us, it is rare that this behaviour, which of course is natural, is accepted regardless of its daily occurrence. Oh and just because you’re brewing one, doesn’t mean it’s ready. Pushing too hard can eventuate in the most embarrassing of disasters, the ‘shart’. In this case it is worth waiting to find the toilet. Oh the humanity.

Bodily smells are also rarely discussed in company and are of a delicate nature, even with those closest to us. Why is it that our own excreta smells fine but everyone else’s horrid? Bums, even after a well-cleaned episode on the toilet require checking, just to make sure our smell is consistent. What do people do this? Do we like our own odours? Whatever the reason, it’s just not talked about.

In the end human beings are animals with the same basic instincts, our passage to understanding the world by using our senses. All this behaviour is normal and coming to terms with it honest. I’m not suggesting that these behaviours be freely exhibited, but owning up to them and keeping it real is a good idea. It keeps us grounded and a little more open to a different perspective. We are animals after all.


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