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Fiddle Tim - Frances Bean Cobain Art A Work In Progress?

Updated on January 13, 2012

Frances Bean Cobain, best known for being the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, would appear to have had a fairly tormented childhood. There has been little written as to how well she has coped with knowing that her father committed suicide, and as that is a private matter, that is a good thing. Her relationship with Courtney though, has been well documented, and in 2009, she moved out of Love’s home into the home of Wendy O’Conner, Kurt Cobain’s mother. Since then, she has successfully followed a new direction and there have even been Frances Bean Cobain Art exhibitions in the US.

A Sample Of Frances Bean Cobain Art
A Sample Of Frances Bean Cobain Art

In many ways, she has managed to avoid the spotlight well, during this time, although she did a little modelling for a while. Given that she has Kurt Cobain’s eyes and Courtney’s cheek bones, perhaps this is not surprising.

But how does a girl with that kind of background establish her own life and be her own person, rather than living the legacy of her parents. Perhaps, surprisingly, she hasn’t chosen the route of musician or actress, but has taken the road of artist.

Using the pseudonym, Fiddle Tim, she has perhaps managed to avoid being defined by the work of her father, and whilst she could probably make more money that way, she has chosen the more dignified route of standing on her own two feet.

So, what is Frances Bean Cobain’s art like? Well, perhaps it should be said that she is still young, at the tender age of 19, and therefore it would be petty to be too critical. However, it is virtually impossible not to spot certain similarities between Frances Bean Cobain art work and the art of Kurt Cobain.

Like Kurt, she seems to have focussed on torment and anguish, although that is a common theme for teenagers worldwide. That said, she certainly has talent; there can be little doubt that she has the capability to develop into a highly talented artist and perhaps will do so as she matures. Her life experiences have obviously had an effect on her work; her current work seems to focus on distorted figures from the alternative scene, such as Jim Jones and punk anti legend GG Allin.

One particular piece of art shows the head of a distorted figure which has one eye intact and the other just an empty socket. It is possible to wonder if this is a depiction of her father Kurt Cobain. The caption underneath it reads “Treat me like your mother or I’ll eat the sun”, so make of that what you will.

There are many people who believe that Kurt himself should have abandoned the rock star lifestyle which he was reputed to despise, and become an artist, something that many people close to him believed he was extremely talented at.

Whatever Frances Bean Cobain, or Fiddle Tim, has gone through in her young life; let’s hope that she finds satisfaction from her art and I look forward to seeing a Frances Bean art exhibition in the UK, and will be interested to see how her work develops.


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    • YogaKat profile image

      YogaKat 6 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Interesting Hub. Thanks for sharing this info. I will keep an eye out for Fiddle Tim.