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Fidel Castro: a controversial figure of the 20th century

Updated on December 12, 2016
Fidel Castro speaking in Havana, 1978
Fidel Castro speaking in Havana, 1978 | Source

Fidel Castro, son of a wealthy Cuban farmer, studied law at the University of Havana where he became a student leader of the Socialist Party.

After fighting for revolutionary causes in Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico he organized the Cuban revolution against President Fulgencio Batista in 1959.

He nationalized the economy and became an ally of the Soviet Union that installed nuclear weapons on the island, leading to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

He survived all attempts of assassination and counter-revolution heading the country untill 2008, when he consign leadership to his brother Raul Castro.

Hated and loved throughout his political life he died on 25 November 2016, at the age of 90.

Here are some videos depicting his political and private life facts.

2001 Full Documentary

Documentary about Fidel Castro, covering 40 years of Cuban Revolution. Rare Fidel Castro footage: he appears swimming with a bodyguard, visiting his childhood home and school, playing with his friend Nelson Mandela, meeting kid Elián Gonzalez, and celebrating his birthday with the Buena Vista Social Club group.

The Cuban Revolution

A documentary about how Fidel Castro overthrow the Batista Regime.

If Fidel didn't came to power

Fidel Castro changed Cuba forever, and plunged the nation into one party socialism. What if he never came to power? How would the island country be changed? Here is one scenario.

1959 interview

"If this Revolution falls, what we will have here in Cuba is a hell. Hell itself." - Fidel Castro

Interview by Clark Hewitt Galloway 1959, Havana
Animation by Patrick Smith

Galloway recorded the interview for a story in U.S. News & World Report. Because the interview was audio-only, it has been illustrated with cartoon sketches, and translations have been added to the video. The interview is presented by Laura Galloway, Clark's granddaughter.

The Cuban missile crises

In October 1962, human civilization came close to being destroyed. During the Cuban missile crisis, all the pieces were in place—the weapons and warheads were ready to fire all over the world; secretly deployed tactical nuclear weapons were prepared to incinerate invading U.S. troops on the north coast of Cuba.

Assassination attempts

The story of some of the numerous attempts of the Central Intelligence Agency to kill Cuba's leader Fidel Castro.

Reactions to his death around the world

From mixed feelings in Beijing to celebrations in the streets of 'Little Havana', Miami, watch how the world is reacting to the death of Cuba's former president, Fidel Castro.

Castro writes about the Barack Obama's election and further government

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Editorial cartoon

Fidel Castro is gone, the revolution goes on! A short animated cartoon by Chappatte.

A political satire from 2007

A hysterical political satire depicting the funeral of the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. What does George Bush say at his funeral? Who does Donald Rumsfeld bring as his guest? What famous figures does Fidel meet in Hell? This musical animation satires Elton John's famous Ode to Marilyn Monroe (and Princess DIana) "Candle in the WInd" and features impersonations of over 25 celebrity voices by Steve Van Zandt and Brock Baker

A small quiz about Fidel Castro

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