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Fifteen reasons why children perform poorly in academics

Updated on April 19, 2013

1) Why & How:

First and foremost why should we study? What do we benefit from it? How is it useful? Apart from receiving a certified certificate from a certified institute that certifies and guarantees minimum monetary befits what is it worth? There are many "why's" which are not properly addressed. Children generally aren't very keen and interested in studies because they don't understand its purpose. Even if they do, they don't know how to learn and retain what is taught. How to use and implement their earned knowledge in the practical world and construct a better world and future.

2) Distraction:

With each new day, a new technology is cropping up. Gadgets and gizmos of various size and shape are available today. Television, video games, internet etc. are serious distractions. Each scream out loud for time and attention. Children tend to devote their full time and energy to these distractions. Result they don't have time to study as their priorities are these distractions.

3) Learning Environment:

Research and studies have proven that a calm and peaceful environment is necessary for healthy studies. If a child is studying and his/her parents are fighting next door, the child would not be able to study. A constant and continuous exposure to violence, fights and other unhealthy environment not only results in poor academic performance but might even result in causing serious psychological problems.

4) Concentration:

Lack of concentration,focus and scattered concentration are one of the common reasons for low grades. An hyperactive child or a distracted child generally have low concentration power. But lack of interest and difficult subject also cause loss of concentration. If kids do not concentrate they will not understand resulting in below average performance.

5) Interest:

Have you ever noticed how inquisitive and statistically updated kids are when it comes to their favourite sports and players? If you ask them about a player's record or rules of a game, they will give you a detailed A to Z answers as if they have conducted a research for PhD. This is just one of the examples of how interest is such an important ingredient for academic success. One of the main reasons for big fat 'F' is lack of interest.

6) Retention:

It is the crux of the problem. Some kids have problem in retaining what they're taught. They tend to forget what they learn. This is a serious problem. If a child has a low retention power, it not only results into failure but also creates low self-esteem.

7) Reading Skills:

Today many children are losing interest in reading books. Reading is an important part of learning. Active and habitual reading not only enhances knowledge and vocabulary but also increases speed. And speed reading equals to saving a lot of time. It not only helps in academic success but is a lifetime investment which can be reaped for future success. Professions like law, administration, medical, accountancy, business, scientific research and many others demand speed reading, as there are some times thousands and thousands of pages to read.

8) Comprehension Skills:

Comprehension skills are the critical component for success. If a child is not able to comprehend and get the main idea about what he/she is reading, it seriously hampers his/her knowledge acquisition. If he/she doesn't understand what is being taught, the whole purpose of education is defeated.

9) Writing Skills:

Many kids find writing tiring and cumbersome job. They are intelligent, they know their answers but they just won't write or don't want to write. Even if they do write, their writing speed is so slow that they are not able to finish their paper within stipulated time. Result low scores.

10) Proper Diet:

A growing child needs balanced, nutritious, clean and hygienic diet. Without a healthy diet and life style, kids lose concentration and focus. They lose interest in studies, become lazy, tire quickly and easily. They lose vigor, zeal and energy.

11) Couch Potato:

All day sitting and watching and no play makes Jack a couch potato! Everybody must have heard or read about 'Jack - a dull boy'. Since the invent of the idiot box parents have complained about children becoming a couch potato. Kids are so involved in gadgets and gizmos that they are just not interested in playing outdoors and get some exercise. This leads to many health problems at young age. And poor health means studies hindered.

12) Time Management:

Children normally complain about being short of time. This is because they do not have proper routine and don't know how to prioritize their work and manage time. In many homes watching television and playing hours are not fixed. Because of this they are devoid of learning the art of time management early on. As a result of this they are not habituated to regular revision and since they haven't studied the whole year properly, at the end of semester they will cram, puke over their answer sheets, pass out and learn nothing. Even if they score good marks, in future they face great difficulties and challenges because of their half cooked knowledge and inability to manage time properly.

13) Lack of Quality Teaches:

We send children to school, so that they learn and become successful person. But if the teachers themselves are incompetent, have no idea on how to teach and do not understand child psychology, so how can they motivate and inspire children to study. A good teacher makes a boring subject interesting. They induce curiosity and eagerness in children and different ways to explore their subjects. Even a non performing student can improve and get good grades, if taught and guided by a good and inspiring teacher.

14) Social Reasons:

After certain age peer pressure becomes a big issue. They are pressurized to do what their peers or friends do; so as to be acceptable. If your kids friend circle have drug addicts, gamblers and gangsters, please forget about your child becoming another Einstein! Children will do anything to be accepted and respected. In today's competitive environment there are lot of societal and parental pressure to perform and excel, leading to serious and hazardous effects on children.

15) Psychological and Psychiatric Problems:

Every child has limitations. We need to identify their strength and weakness. If we keep demanding them to be a top notch, they might succumb to the pressure and develop permanent psychological problems. At times kids are not able to understand their emotions and feelings that can cause serious psychological problems. Learning disabilities like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and others need to identified to ensure good and healthy education.


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