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Fight back against DYFS with a good attorney and win

Updated on August 16, 2013

Unfortunately, too many try to go war against DYFS and lose. The worst part is that, for most of them, it didn't have to happen. Without good legal advice, many people create the evidence that will be used against them. Since DYFS has been known to attack parents of lower socio-economic status, many cannot afford quality legal representation once the case reaches court. With the case mishanlded from the start, the case drags on. For some, finishing the marathon that is a DYFS case proves to be too much. As a result, the children are permantely taken away from the parents. In some cases, parental rights may be terminated. Hopefully, this article helps at least one parent avoid this devastaing, but common scenario.

Fight back right away

Most of the time, DYFS does not just show up at your door to take your kids away and hand you court papers. Quite often, an allegation is received and they start an investigation. The vast majority of parents in this situation do not get legal representation even though they are entitled to have an attorney help them deal with DYFS. As a result, they wind up creating the evidence that is eventually used against them.

Dealing with DYFS on your own can be really tough no matter how you try to handle it. They may inspect your house, meet with your children, interview you, ask you to undergo a number of evaluations as well as talking to neighbors and school teachers. In other words, they are looking to build a case against you. Why? It's tough to say exactly, but I view DYFS as a type of law enforcement organization and most law enforcement organizations that I have dealt with assume guilt first and then look for ways to prove it. As a result, denying the allegations could just make things worse.

If you just give in to DYFS, anything you say can and will be used against you. For example, they may investigate an allegation such as child abuse and quickly rule it out. However, during the allegation, they may uncover another issue through interviews of the parents and the children such as substance abuse. As far as DYFS is concerned, any drug or alcohol use may be considered substance abuse. As a result, you may now be ordered to undergo substance abuse evaluations and treatment. For the rest of the case, you will have your own statements constantly used against you.

DYFS can also lull you into a false sense of security so that by the time you realize you have a problem, it is already too late. For example, DYFS can come to your house to investigate an allegation which is quickly determined to be unfounded. As a result, they leave and it is over. You don't need an attorney right? But then, days, weeks or months later, they come back. Maybe you are having a fight with a family member, an ex-spouse, your child's school or a neighbor. Someone is calling DYFS on you over and over again. With each visit, tensions get hire and DYFS collects more evidence against you. Eventually, enough evidence is received for DYFS to recommend services or file a court case.

The second DYFS comes to your house, you have the right to have a NJ DYFS attorney help you. If you don't anything you do or say can and will be used against you. Much is a double-edged sword. If you kick DYFS out of your house and do not cooperate, you may be facing a court case within a few days. Should you cooperate, your statements and actions can be everything that DYFS needs to take your children away.

An attorney stands as a buffer between you and DYFS. With quality representation, no one will even think about bullying you. Everything you say or do will be monitored and controlled by the attorney. In fact, the attorney should do most, and in some cases, all of the communicating for you. This will prevent you from saying the wrong thing. The attorney will also work with the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) who is the prosecuting attorney that represents DYFS. An attorney negotiating with the DAG can quickly get the case dismissed for lack of evidence.

Services (aka “the system”)

Quite often, the evidence uncovered by DYFS is not enough to remove your children right away. However, DYFS will demand that you undergo a number of services. These include substance abuse evaluation and treatment, psychiatric evaluations, parenting classes, marriage counseling, anger management and any number of other treatments. Worse yet, they may demand that you go to their people who may be just as biased against you as DYFS is. This is where some real evidence is generated.

I have no respect for the doctors that perform their psychiatric evaluations; at least the ones I have seen. In my opinion, they are often “DYFS hit men” who constantly see the worst in people and look to help DYFS take children away. There are only a handful of them and I suspect that this is how they make most, if not all, of their money. I'd like to see one of these hit men write a positive report because I haven't seen one yet.

One service may lead to another which may then lead to several more. It may seem like it will never end. When it does end, it may end in a DYFS case being filed against you due to your drug problem, your mental illness or some other “problem” that was uncovered during these “services”. Congratulations, you are knee deep in the system and it may be hard to get out. Calling an attorney right away can avoid all of these services and keep you out of the system all together.

If services cannot be avoided, your attorney can fight to make sure that any services you have to undergo are limited and that you choose what you want to do. For example, I had a case where DYFS wanted my clients to undergo six different services with agencies that DYFS choose. I got in the case and I took that down to one evaluation with our people. A few weeks later: case closed.

It's never too late to get a good attorney

If you were smart enough to call an attorney right away, odds are that you can get DYFS off your back fairly quickly. Want even better news? It should probably cost you less than a thousand dollars to get an attorney to help you. This is because there is no court appearances which take up a substantial amount of the attorney's time. The attorney should be able to make the entire case go away without much work and thus, with little cost.

If you are now facing a DYFS court case, the sooner you get a good attorney involved, the better. Quite often, I am able to speed up cases so that my clients get their children back within months instead of over a year. While this is much more expensive, the shorter time frame keeps down costs. On the other hand, I have had people call me that have been dealing with a DYFS case for over six months with less than adequate representation. When I ask what has been done, all too often the answer is the same: nothing.

While its never too late to get a good attorney, it may be more difficult for an attorney to come into a case at the last second. First, the attorney has to review the case to see what has been done or what has not been done. Second, it is usually more expensive to fix a mistake (or many mistakes) than it is to prevent it. In addition, the multitude of mistakes will make the case drag out and thus become more expensive. Furthermore, the chances of obtaining a good result will be lessened because keys moves were not made from the beginning. However, when everything is on the line, a fighting chance is better than no chance.

Forget the lawsuit, concentrate on winning now

Too many people want to sue DYFS. I'm not a plaintiff-civil attorney, so I cannot give much information as to how to go about this but I can say that you should not put the cart before the horse. Focus on getting the money together to win your case. So many people call me about filing a law suit against DYFS before they even have any thought about winning the case they are facing now. This is irrational thinking driven by emotion.

Survive the marathon

A DYFS case is sometimes like a marathon. Even with a good attorney, it could last for a long time. Many people get frustrated and without a good person to lean on, it can feel like you are by yourself. A good attorney will be able to handle the range of emotions you will have and keep you in check throughout the case. Being a good attorney is more than just courtroom strategy. It is about being there for the client to make sure they can get through with the case.


Battling DYFS isn't easy. As I have made rather clear, fighting DYFS and winning starts with hiring a good New Jersey DYFS attorney. The sooner a good attorney is hired, the sooner you can get DYFS out of your life. Every case is different so there is no set strategy I can provide here. Instead, if you hired the right attorney, he or she will work with you to develop a winning strategy. All too often, people have a New Jersey DYFS attorney that has no plan. Of course, you must also follow the plan that your attorney lays out. If you do that, your odds of winning your case will increase.


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    • profile image

      Justice will be served 2 years ago

      The silent war on whites that you dont know about

      There are organizations trying to destroy the white race its being used against whitefamilys and you dont even know while

      You have been asleep watch activist that are bringing whites down on purpose its get even time according to

      Dr Julia Hare race wars need to end she says blacks are hebrew

      And we need to join the hebrew its the only way to bring the whites down we are muslim hebrew and jew the war has begun we have to build this to bring whites down get in the system and do your jobs acuse acuse and watch them fall like we have

      Dr JuliaHare our new organization

    • profile image

      Justice will be served 2 years ago

      If you think the cps and dyfs are after you look who is operating it and why it is this kind of activist that is causing whitey to have problems she says the hebrew jew goes to law school and the only way to get back at whitey we must use dyfs and cps to bring them and there children down we must get into this system to bring whiteys down and use the hebrew to help us

      Wake up familys. Their is a race going on trouble makers silent activist that are being exposed this is why your familys are in trouble watch and learn the truth it isnt on nbc abc or fox

      Just watch Dr JuliaHare it is about race and it needs to be exposed.

    • profile image

      Justice will be served 2 years ago

      Anger any one and what happens they fight you no matter right or wrong the only solution is to mind your own buziness and stop minding others if they mess with your children and your family this a field that is not for the faint hearted number one mess with someones kid or family member emotions rise this is where the sickness starts it needs to be stopped tormentors from cps and others that can just point a finger because they dont like you or some kind of service or maybe you accidently

      Scratched there car t the grocery store the littlest thing could set a cps worker or dyfs worker against you nd your family its almost like the flim flam man that has nothing better to do but ruin your life hey and they get paid to do it so let the games begin the lawyers phsycologist and socil workers and even judges get a piece of you and then of course the mortgage co. Realtors there all in on takeing whats left of your life and of course the police with asset forfieture because now your all homeless in the street lost employment there is a whole host of problems these people create and no one ever hears about it because your so embarassed what thes parisites have done to you and there is no one to turn to but the under taker thats what they did to Sentor Nancy Shaeffer or any one else that exposes this primitive extortion group of parasites we need someone like Michael Moore to dig deep into this vast washington based group of family destroying system that should have never been created i am sure their is some good in this band of modern extorsioning of familys and wealth becauseif it about ruining they sbould freeze the family if they feel it needs to be investigated instead of making them lose everything to others. They start the game and then cant be found something is seriously wrong with this unit tnat no one stops its like. The SS

    • profile image

      Justice will be served 2 years ago

      Nancy schaeffer congress woman murdered for exposing the truth about dyfs cps and the legal game out to rob us when the system is like the wild west a system that was supposed to help familys has been turned into n emotional money feeding game the only way to stop it is the tables need to be turned like senator Nancey Shaeffer and Dr .Stephen Baskerville states the system is so corrupt its uncontrollable when the Judges and lawyers making so much from cps its building their economys not yours they dont care bout your family only theirs or they would be suing for you get it dont be nieve

    • profile image

      Justice will be served 2 years ago

      It never ends a system out of control is a system that will fail my grandparents never had a system like this a child does wrong you correct them no one said a thing now with lawyerz and so ial workers and psycosociaopaths and femenist running the system its open season to anyone the problem is money is what its all about and no one seems to stop it washington cps center is 6 blocks long that houses alot of cause for alarm the system is a tyranny system and needs more than complaining parents that something is seriously wrong what needs to be done is the tables need to be turned judges dont care they believe in this system of corruption the only way is to turn the tables this systemwas never around until people started it this is why we need common people in washington to fight the law the lawyers make to benifit them in the system when have you ever heard of a lawyer or cps worker being charged of these insidious crimes never its the common folk because they feel they should make more money watching over the world full of problems they have figured a way to capitalize on it wake up its being done to rob you legaly

      If you open your trap against them they retaliate and rob you more its a sick legal game but it works for them of course they created it wake up turn the tables lawyers dont fight there system they created to make money

    • profile image

      Nicole juni 2 years ago

      I have a 10 year old daughter kayla and a 6 month old daughter isabella .. kaylas teacher called dcp&p on her father who I'm no longer with .. her father told dyfis that I am not in kaylas life at all .. (not true) the case was opened in February in April I went to hunterdon county to file for full custody I later on got a call saying there was a case open against her father for Niglect and abuse and they wanted her to be in my care .. there is a lot of conflict of interest with his mother and the court and dyfis so she was put with his parents not me .. and then they wanted to charge me with the same thing ... for what I don't know ... I got a public pretender and got it switched to somerset county of nj her fathers family did a lot of bashing tords me and just made every thing a lot worse when I did nothing wrong at all .. I did everything they asked me to do all the evaluations the urines everything .... so i was 4 months pregnant and was not showing yet ... . Now reminder hunterdon county and somerset county is very very racist and my fiancée is Porto Rican ... and they said nothing to me about the baby or wanting to do a back round check on my fiancée nothing I was dropped from the case the judge did not think I should be charged with anything because I was not there .. so I got all my visits my weekends everything back ... I had the baby November 25th ... they wouldn't let me take her home ... cause she was jaundice my fiancée and I went to call the hospital to see when she can come home .. they said the Dr cleared her for discharge this morningb so we went to go get her ... we got there and she was GONE!!! My Heart dropped!!! My fiancée flipped out they said dcp&p took her I said for what!!! Everything was cleared .. I wasn't charged with anything .. they said they don't know I have to call my worker meanwhile it's Friday at 5 pm but I had her in Middlesex County were I live .. not in hunterdon or somerset county so middlesex came to get her and they didn't understand y they had to take her either ... so Monday came slowly .. they said because I was on methidone ... methidone is legal for pregnant women to be on the law just passed for I was discharged from the hospital ... and they said she was going threw withdrawal .. but she was not .. I had her the entire time in my room the night before we went home I decided to send her to the nursery for one last night of full sleep ... worst mistake .. cause that's when they said she was doing that ... but yet I was clean and so was the baby she didn't even have methidone in her system. .. there was no cause to take her at all !!!!!! She went into foster care for 2 months while my twin sister fought to get her ... .. they are also using my fiancée s past from 10 years ago he had some charges . So now my sister has her after 2 months .. now that we are close to getting her back they said with in the next 2 months ... they want to denie my sister for her foster parent thingy .. and now they are stopping her payments and now want to try to remove the baby from my sisters .. because I am trying to get my oldest and they said once I get Isabella back I can easily get kayla .. now remember kaylas fathers parents have her and they don't want to give her back to me because they are racist as well and they have a lot of connections .. in that town .. so now that I am very very close to getting Isabella they are trying to screw this all up they can't just remove my daughter from a family members house with out cause ... but they are trying ... kayla loooves her baby sister and is very over protective breaks my heart that they told kaylas lawyer that they don't want her to know her baby sister. ... cause she is a "yellow" baby that's what they called her ... cause she is half Porto Rican half white ... they make me go aalllll they way down to somerset county for a urin I can't work because of all the programs they have me going to so gas is limited and Somerville is over 30 min away .. .I need a lawyer that will help me win this case and get our baby girl back!!!! My Heart is broken for my fiancée he is a first time father .. and still has n9o idea what it's like waking up in the middle of the night to feed his baby girl .. and u don't find many daddy's like this one lol so if anyone can get back to me wi the a good lawyer that would help a lot!!! Thank you sooooo much

    • profile image

      cindy mccrary 3 years ago

      Im looking for an attorney to help me ,i live in lawrenceburg tn an im trying to get my children back.they were taken unto custody by a judge here in lawrence county,in a referral from the appointed gaurdian of light,they were in the custody of there father at the time they were placed into custody,on charges of truancy and unstable housing,ive tried to get it in front of a different judge because the judges secretary ,and a conflict of interest,the judges secretaries fiancé and the secretary have my son on facebook,and my son and my daughter has been at the secretarys house,hanging out with my children,also on april the third of thiss yr the judges secretarys fiancé hadcalled the father of my children wanting to know if he could take my daughter to an all night skate at our skating rink in our county,my childs dad told them no he could not take her,however he came and took her anyway and brought her back the next day,with hickeys on her neck,and the judge and her secretary are mutual friends outside the courts,however im being told that the only way to get in front of a diff judge is the current judge would have to recuse herself frim the case wich she fails to do so,she doesn't beleive theres a conflict of interest,

    • profile image

      frustrated former client 3 years ago

      this law firm talks a lot of game but, either, do not care or are working alongside dyfs. I do not recommend this firm to anyone. The lawyers are lazy, don't research your case, never can get in contact with them let alone return your phone calls and, most of all, do not stand up for you in court rather than give in

    • profile image

      jackjohnson 3 years ago

      the state has been taking total advantage of us because we cannot afford an attorney. we have filed a law suit against the state, and the case has been docketed and set for trial; status. thus far: Is all party's need to be informed, and the state is waiting for discovery. we won the rite to sue, because we have documentation that provides: the division local east office 1601 Atlantic Ave; recently removed our daughter from the hospital just after her birth on an emergency removal without an court order, based on the allegations of abuse and neglect of another child. we have proof that we were cleared of those allegations 3 day after the investigation was preformed by the investigating officer that was assigned to do the investigation by the local east office 1601 Atlantic Ave. the division officer assigned was Brandy Smith; we also have the paperwork to prove , that the state of Atlantic city, allowed the division worker from cape may Crystal Murphy, ( the caseworker that reported the false allegations of abuse and neglect) the state allowed Ms. Murphy to remove the official report of the investigation that was preformed by the assigned officer Brandy Smith from the discovery, and they allowed her to put a false report in the discovery so that they could brand us with abuse and neglect and take our son. we have both discovery to prove it. our court appointed attorneys tanked our case's because they wouldn't go against the state with the evidence that we have because the state is facing a class action civil suit on the fg-01-66-12 compliant in which they allowed my son and 5 other children to be adopted. they used the abuse and neglect as a base to finalise the adoption of our children, even though they know, and knew then that there never was any abuse or neglect. I have documentation to it, and now they have removed my daughter on the same thing, and the lawyers are doing the same thing as the previous lawyers with our daughter, even though we have won the right to sue with the evidence that we have. we really need your help in finding an attorney that would work with us with payments. thank you for anything that you could do.

    • profile image

      And 3 years ago

      Please do not hire these people unless u want to have all your money sucked dry and lose your kids!!

    • profile image

      Doanda Harper 3 years ago

      Really didn't want to hear the comment from Guest 8 weeks ago, just hired this firm, was expecting case to be dismissed at first hearing.. Did not happen. :(

    • profile image

      guest 3 years ago

      very disappointed in the lack of results from jeffs firm!

    • profile image

      Hope Luca 3 years ago

      I agree we have to FIGHT DYFS as they come in and take our Grand Children and we can,t do a DAMN thing about it Why did the Pilgrims come here and i went to my Govenor and his Secretary WAS OF NO HELP OR CONSULTATION

    • profile image

      may 4 years ago

      how & where can i get an atty near 07010 that is affordable. i am not working & am single mom of 3 (12 y/o, 7 y/o, & 9 mos).

      supposedly dyfs is here for children but yet they're about to put my children thru another emotional trauma.

    • profile image

      SniperSpy Reviews 5 years ago

      Hella awesome blog! Very helpful, very informative, and very well done. Extremely relative to my interests!

    • profile image

      madison 5 years ago

      my case has bean going on forever since september 2010 i was lied to from the begining its bean 22 months and still no kids i still have my rights to them i never had sleepovers over nights nothing all because of fals acusation of my boyfriend living here he does not live here what the hell is going on i need help sewing the agency

    • profile image

      momontherun1 5 years ago

      go on line to match a attorny and write you problem with cps and someone will email you when some match your God bless you real good.

    • profile image

      lori 5 years ago

      is there anyone here that help me locate a lawyer. I live in northern passic county. This is the second time within the last three months that someone from the school called dyfs on myself and my husband. I feel that all of this is being done out of revange against us for me making complaints against my sons former teacher his classroom aide and his classmates. My sons were together up till this year. My one son would have had the bully teacher but she was out on materiny leave till Febuary then she was advised to return in September but to the other school. This whole ordeal has sent my son into a mentally and emontional rollcoaster ride from hell. I was out to lunch with a friend had a glass of beer then cut myself off mean time we have a 4th grade teacher sitting acrossed from us drinking quit heavy and the following week dyfs was at my house. First was at the school and then at our home. The case was finally closed. The bully teacher came to visit the children and my son started to have bathroom acidents in school and just in school. He was treated for a UTI about this time also. His bathroom acidents were only at school nowhere else but there. Then almsost there weeks ago dyfs once again called and said they had to come to my home because my son told a friend in OT that my husband put a fake gun to his head while they were playing cops and robbers. Since all this incidents have occurred my son has been breaking down both mentally and emontionly. I have him seeing a thearhist and even starting a phycrtic to help him and myself. This poor child has been threw hell and back because of this damn school distric. My son is austic with adhd. He now has no interst what's so ever on doing his work at school and same for his homework. Please someone help me my email adress is Thank you so much

    • profile image

      momontherun1 5 years ago

      when my kids were taking i had to tell the pubic defender what to say because they don't care about us there all in it together to keep your kids the long the more money and that's the true.they all get paid for this even the judge. the more kids they take the more money.

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      We have lost and our daughter is still in the care of my step-mother even after the judge said to put her else where. I don't know what to do. I carried my baby girl for 9 months to have her torn from my arms in 3 weeks. I can't afford a good attorney and my public defender had no idea what he was doing... What can I do???

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      (I had e-mailed my story to a friend the other day, this is what we're dealing with, court's tomorrow. Lauralii is my 3 1/2 week old daughter and Kyle is my husband)

      My shitty family felt it necessary to call DYFS on Kyle and I when Lauralii was only 2 weeks old. The concern being that she was neglected. The exact reasoning given to us being that we weren't feeding her enough or properly and our ages because they felt we were "too young and inexperienced to be parents".

      The investigating DYFS worker is a 27 year-old moron who clearly does not have children, nor does she herself know how to care for a child. But of course, DYFS workers think they know everything.

      So, Ms. Veronica Miranda (moronic DYFS worker in question) put in place that we were to have parenting classes, and in-home parenting nurse, therapy, and supportive meetings with our family and friends, all given by DYFS. These things were NEVER put in place by the way.

      Kyle and I were then removed from our own apartment on May 24th by Veronica and another worker because they felt we needed 24 hour supervision with our daughter, again, given no REAL grounds for concern other than our age and inexperience.

      It was then that she put Lauralii and I under the supervision of my father and step-mother, even after my pleas that it be anyone else in the world. And being that Kyle and I were apparently deemed a threat to our child, I still cannot comprehend how DYFS allows said worker to continue with her job.

      We put my daughter in her car seat behind Veronica's, who was driving, and Kyle and I sat in the back of the van. Once we got onto Route 287, Veronica thought it appropriate to answer a phone call while driving, putting my daughter at risk of danger (when the concern was that Kyle and I were the issue) and in fact did, since she wasn't paying much attention to any of the traffic around us.

      Kyle used my cell phone to take pictures as best he could from his angle of Ms. Miranda on the phone with the baby behind her in the back seat. The photos are technically time stamped when taken in the title with the military time.

      These are from May 24th 2012 at 15:31 and 15:34 (otherwise 3:31pm and 3:34pm)

      The phone call lasted approximately 10 minutes and from there, she and the other worker got into conversation, Veronica paying no attention to the road, and swerved several times to avoid the traffic she nearly ran us into.

      Considering the agency is meant to protect children (and ours is a fragile newborn), this was awful and completely unacceptable. I have contacted the agency about other problems several times on top of this one with their investigators reckless driving, and have received no comment or promise to fix said issues.

      Yet they've done nothing and this twit continued with our case.

      Once I got to my fathers, hell broke loose.

      From the day I got there until the day I left, they had put me down and treated me like garbage. They had screaming matches with me while Lauralii was cradled in my arms. Then they proceeded to keep Kyle from seeing his daughter...

      My father and step-mother, the hypocrits, did exactly what my mother did to my father. She didn't like them and felt they needed to be punished so she would revoke their rights to see me on the weekend, and they didn't like Kyle so they revoked his rights as punnishment. They flat out refused to allow him to see his 3 week old daughter because he posted a song lyric (Under and Over It - Five Finger Death Punch) on Facebook thinking it was directed to them.

      Guess what? It WAS! They called him a "stupid little boy", you called his family "white trash", you said I "down graded" to him, you said he was "dragging me down", you said he was a "shitty father and shitty husband", and thought they could tell me, his WIFE, without it getting back to him?

      Also, when we had to go on a DYFS evaluation in Perth Amboy, I was told by my step-mother, that DYFS said don't bring Lauralii. So I left at 10:30am and did not return home until 4:30pm. When I came home, my step-sister was on her computer on the couch, my step-mother was in the den on her computer, and Lauralii was screaming and crying in the swing. I asked why, and was told by my step-mother "she has gas". REALLY?!? Because I picked her up and her diaper was heavily soaked in pee and she chugged 6oz of formula and still wanted more. I stated "wow she drank that fast" and got from both my step-mother and step-sister that she chugged both bottles I had left too. The bottles being 4oz each. I asked "just the two?" and was told "yes. we just made two more." Meaning that from 10:30am until 4:30pm they ONLY fed her 8oz, which by ANYONES standards, is TOO LITTLE for a growing NEWBORN.

      But we're the bad parents.....

      And then I find out after calling the emergency line and reporting it, texting Veronica and reporting it, calling Veronica and calling her superviser, that magically never made it on file.

      I'm thoroughly convinced our investigating worker doesn't like me because we reported her and took pictures of her when she answered her phone on 287 with a 3 week old infant in the backseat.

      Every call and every plea we have made with these people has fallen on deaf ears. It's disgusting.

      So, after the shit at my fathers, we had "supervised custody" given to Kyle's brother-in-law's house mate, and everything was fine. No stress, just support, love, care and nurturing. She's been cared for greatly by Kyle and myself, as well as everyone who has walked through the threshold of the house's door way.

      My step-mother and my father expressed their anger and distain for me up and leaving under DYFS orders. Oh fucking well.

      And then all of a sudden today, Veronica and another worker came with two police officers and told us they were taking our baby girl away...

      I asked why and Veronica say's she cannot go into it but I will know at court on Thursday, to which the male worker she came with pulled me aside and said it was because I didn't pass my psychological examination and the red flag was that I am "too inexperienced to know how to adequetly raise a child".

      And now Lauralii is back at my father's with my ASSHOLE step-mother as the primary care taker EVEN AFTER my reports and calls of them neglecting her. But I'm supposed to allow her to be there for 2 days when they couldn't handle her a few hours..... FUCK THAT SHIT.We have court Thursday and have to struggle to fight for her.

    • profile image

      momontherun1 5 years ago

      well am a mom that would not give her kids up and facing interfering with cousity.i got sick of cps wanting to take my kids and i didn't do anything wrong.because you a victim of your husband hitting you not and he never hit the kids.if you change your life clean yourself up is what they say. then you do but they add more and more when your done they hated my husband so bad that they would do anything and say anything to take my kids. they have are kids thinking they can do and say anything that they want to use and we can't do anything about it.we are the one taking the rap for everthing they do they. everthing is the parent fault my 2 olds son burn my kids with a fork and they didn't do nothing to him it was my fault i feel so sick ever time i think about that year

    • profile image

      Robert W. 6 years ago

      It's me again. I just wanted to further comment on how your familiarization of dyfs tactics is dead on. I could easily show how the things they did to me would fit right into the pattern of what you have uncovered. For example in my first encounter with dyfs my daughter, then 12 years old had written a story in school about a mother who was abusing her daughter. It got into the hands of a lunch aide and was passed on to the teacher and then to the principal. They insisted that it was a letter and therefore 'cry for help'. They interrogated my daughter and my 3 other younger daughters. Even though my daughters denied any abuse, they tried to correlate the story to our family. The story was about a single mother with one child. We are a family of 2 parents with 4 children. We are an inter-racial couple. During the interrogations they tried to suggest to my children that I, the father was seperated from my wife and not living at home. My children denied this nonsense but the school called dyfs on us anyway. When the agent arrived at my home he right away said he dud not think any abuse was going on. But he wanted to talk with us anyway. So he talked to me and I just let him have his say to avoid trouble. But when he talked with my wife he made a racial insult about how children were handled in her country, the Philippines. Clearly he had in mind a stereotypical image of a super-submissive Asian wife who would just accept this. Well my wife went upside his verbally so bad that he was close to the point of crying. After his beatdown he began shouting that if he ever had to come to our home again he was going to take the children and have my wife and I imprisoned. He demanded that my wife go to anger management classes. The next day his supervisor came by and she scheduled a visit for the next day. When I found out about this I called her up and told her not to come by and that my wife would not be going to anger management. I told her to just take us to court. They left us alone after that. But that is one of those cases where even though they find false allegations they trie to find something else to get you into their 'services'.

    • profile image

      Robert 6 years ago

      Dyfs did a very sneaky, nasty thing to my family and I. They actually took us to court without ever informing us that they were filing a complaint against us. My wife and I had problems with our then 16 year old daughter. For some months an agent had been visiting and talking with my wife about her behavior. When she turned 14 she became rebellious and was impregnated at age 15 by a 19 year old. As soon as she delivered the father of the 19 year old pleaded with my wife to allow her to live with them because he was so excited about his first grandchild. We allowed this but things went sour. Instead of him calling us to have her return to our home he called dyfs and claimed that she was living with them because we had kicked her out along with the baby. When questioned by dyfs about this we denied it and said she could come home anytime she wanted. In fact we had a bedroom still set up for her and the baby. However, a dyfs supervisor who had never been involved with the case came to the house and intentionally tried to provoke my wife by telling her that she should have taught my daughter about birth control. My wife tactfully explained to this woman that she in fact had done so and that my daughter probably knew more about that subject than the supervisor. Needless to say it didn't sit well with the supervisor. In less than a month they had us in court with a 27 page complaint against us for child abuse/neglect. I did not even go to that first court appearance because there was no summons or any other kind of correspondence telling us to appear. Not even a verbal notification from dyfs was given. They had only spoken to our daughter and told her that we needed to be in court for procedures that would legally allow her to stay with the 19 year old and his father. This is what our daughter told us and so i did not see the need to takeoff from work for something that my wife could handle alone. Imagine the shock when Igot home and read the 27 page complaint that was full of so many lies. We hadn't even had an attorney. Dyfs planned it that way . Nonetheless i still got the charges dropped on my own. But we lost custody of our granddaughter.

    • profile image

      deborah 6 years ago

      yes its all true the system dosnt work, they are all overworked, there caseloads are too big some workers have been know to have over 100 kids on there caseload at one time. this was fortunate for us because it kept them off our backs somewhat, they lied and said we had done home visits with them when we actually had not. my sons babys mother took drugs while pregnant, but she was the offender, but guess who was the one being harassed by them every couple weeks? you guessed it everybody but the offending mother, go figure that out. they said they have to protect the child and make sure she is safe! DUH KEEP THE MOTHER AWAY AND SHELL BE SAFE!

    • profile image

      pelle 6 years ago

      To bad every body can't afford an attorney, and when left with a state apointed attroney its just as if dyfs was your attorney ..... 13 months into my case and I still don't know the allegation or had a fact finding hearing yet, allegetly I'm only a disposition defendat, but yet won't give my daughter to me... so in 13 month i'm lucky to have seen her 30 times for an hour in a dyfs office.... yeah,,,,and i can't sue them yeah so proud to be an amercan...not

    • profile image

      MommaOfAnInnocentVictim 6 years ago

      Are there any attorneys who can bring a lawsuit against DYFS? I have requested numerous times to the Judge to stop visitation because something was going on at the non-custodials house during his parenting time. 12 DYFS Investigations all "unfounded", Doctor reports, Therapists letters to the judge, phone calls to DYFS from The school, DOctors, Therapists, and nothing was ever done. Now finally after a confession from my young innocent child, the Prosecutors office can not use anything to charge a juvenile as an adult. Sickly now my childs innocence and childhood has been taken. I need an Attorney who is not afraid to go after the system, especially when there is Documentation and proof that they (DYFS & COURT) had but constantly over looked. Any help would be appreciated.

    • profile image

      rita 6 years ago

      i have a case with dyfs as we speak in they railroaded me they said my house had an odor of of animals and all i have is a kitten they came to my house and said my house was in deplorable conditions and took pictures of my kids room that just had sum clothes on the floor and a water bottle and they said in court it was have eatn food n weed bags everywhere they said my kids smelled like cat urine when i know 4 a fact it wasn't true they then said that i didn't have running water or a working toilet n that's jus sum of the things i need a good lawyer and sum advice can sum1 help me cause at this point they did an emergency removal of my kids on a report from an investiagator that exaggerated a lot to get a judge to remove my kids n the public defender is really looking out 4 my best interests please help me

    • profile image

      Michael delbonifro 6 years ago

      Need an attorney to sue Dyfus for falsely accused for multiple times.

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      @sultryzulu this person is an attorney, not a linguist or English major. Grow up!

    • profile image

      sultryzulu 6 years ago

      “Someone is calling DYFS on you over and over again. With each visit, tensions get hire and.....”

      "This is because there is no court appearances....."

      1) tensions don't get hire, they get higher and

      2) there IS no court appearances?

      can't be bothered reading your own web content but you're competent enough to run a case? unh huh.

    • profile image

      melissa 6 years ago

      How to find a good n j lawyer

    • profile image

      Concerned US Father 6 years ago

      Sign the petition!!! Go to the following link...

      Stop DYFS from Destroying Families, Petition for a Full Investigation into DYFS Today!

      Dear Gov. Christie:

      DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services) is dividing families all over the state of New Jersey. Parents are crying for help from these sadists who take children because of anonymous calls and unwarranted complaints. DYFS threatens family and uses stall tactics to keep and claim children. They are authorized to enter your house and take your children for unset lengths of time. DYFS officials blatantly lie to judges, doctors and police officers to humiliate and harass innocent parents, most of who do not have the funds to hire lawyers to fight. Each child adopted brings the state up to $8,000 and DYFS is abusing their authority to get rich.

      For years, DYFS has tortured and tormented families on taxpayer's dollar and is backed by the Stalinist government of New Jersey. They are given higher authority than police officers, in many cases. The time to investigate DYFS is now. A simple Google search with reveal literally thousands of disgruntled parents who spent years and thousands of dollars fighting unwarranted claims by DYFS. These parents are too scared to speak out, in fear that DYFS will take their children and further destroy their lives.

      We are urging you to revamp DYFS by conducting a full investigation into their services. The time has come to clean out all these taxpayer-funded sadists who take joy in abusing their power by harassing parents and ruining lives. As obvious by the 7-0 ruling in the New Jersey Supreme Court on January 26, 2011, DYFS needs to re-evaluate their definition of abuse and neglect. They also need a good dose of common sense. This case is a clear example of the personal bias and overzealous reaction by DYFS officials against parents who fight them. We, the taxpaying citizens of New Jersey, are sick and tired of the corrupt system known as DYFS and ask for your help.

      [Your name]

    • profile image

      conchetta 6 years ago

      I too feel that this is bull!!! About a month ago my husband and I had a fight and we were both drinking..someone called the cops and then in turn call dyfs because our to girls were in the house...They talked to my kids one whom which is 5 and took them away..thank god a friend got to keep them..I was sober for 2 yrs completed all programs and just had a relapse that husband never had a problem with alchol but yet they are making us go to iop 3 times a week 3 hours a day for three months causing us to both lose or jobs..we both offered to go to the dyfs dept everyday for a urine test to prove we weren't drinking but they said my childeren who clearly arent abused(have there own rooms in a big house plenty of food and every toy know to man)are going to suffer when we have no money to put food on the table..What's the justice in that...We get the same punishment that people who really abuse there kids NOT FAIR!!!

    • profile image

      NBU 6 years ago

      In march i found on my step daughters cell phone pictures which showing how her 14 year old brother gets beat up by his mother. he was butt naked in the pictures, while his mother wrestled him and hit him. you can see how he tried to cover his private with his hands and with a pillow. there where about 6-7 pictures and they where taken by the 11 yeart old sister. i immediate contact the police and dyfus. and guess what, they did not do s#%$. in fact is, that the mom told them that we're abusing marijuana and all kinds of other stupid things. they did the whole testing, everything negative. but we didn't saw the kids then. she brainwashed them and the kids things we are the bad ones. i just know if my husband would be in the pictures beating up his daughter (naked) they would have him looked up asap. and now we also saw a picture on facebook of my now 15 year old stepson with a huge tattoo over his chest saying his mothers name. you know what dyfus comment was?: there is nothing we can do about it, because the kids protecting there mother.

      we also have proof of pictures that she has a handgun in the house, she also tried to kill herself couple years back, therr is a record for that at the local hospital. we have so many evidence, but the kids are still living with her. it is so......we don't know what to do no more.... i feel like i want to submit all the evidence to cnn's nancy grace...

    • profile image

      Chris Gee 6 years ago

      Wow you have it exactly correct on all of your descriptions.To a tee! My son is diagnosed with a disorder that makes him hurt himself - sometimes severely - needing hospitalization( stitches,staples,lacerations,bruises...) The school ignored that and called DYFS anyway. In a weird twist of fate,the case was closed but quickly re-opened when it was found that I was pulled over arrested for the 1st time in my 41 yrs in Clifton for possession of marijuana that had LITERALLY been handed to me 2 min. before my colleague and I drove to Dunkin Donuts.It smelled bad and he did not want to go inside smelling like it so I obliged.We left, we were then follwed(racially profiled honestly lol) by Clifton Police,pulled over and searched,then hauled off that night! To compound matters 2weeks before I had took a few puffs to alleviate a severe 2 day migraine/nausea ( I was desperate) and finally get some sleep.

      I explained this to DYFUS after being questioned about the incident and they immediatley asked for a urine sample which tested positive. Now it seemed they had exactly what they needed to enable the assembly line of discredit as a parent to begin against me.I NOW HAVE TO PAY to receive MONTHS of counseling and weekly testing after determining that I ABUSE MARIJUANA! HELP WHAT CAN I DO legally to lessen this grip they have on me and my family??

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      I was contacted by the police of a monmouth county town to come get my son and remove him from my exs home due to prescription abuse in the home. DYFS came to my home to investigate and interveiw my son on tuesday after Memorial day.Dyfs asked that I keep my son for the week and return my son to his prescription abusing mother even though my son begged Tom not to make him go back to his mother . IT BROKE MY HEART TO TAKE HIM BACK SUNDAY!!!! GOV Chrispy cream stop busting teachers chops and end Dyfs and save the state a bundle of cash

    • profile image

      Bojon 7 years ago

      How many chances does DYFS give to drug addicted parents before taking action? Why would they give back a child to parents with a known drug addiction and after the child had been removed again from a home that was in deplorable condition? Where is the child's best interest in that? And when you call the hotline to report an issue on a file that's a mile long, they want to know everything about the case that they already have right in front of them. Also, what proof is there that the child is in danger...I'm I losing it but isn't it their job to check it out when past incidences have already occurred?? Please help me understand

    • profile image

      R.S. 7 years ago

      There are some real cases of abuse and neglect of children that really need the attention of a child welfare agency. Having said that, I think it is time that DYFS is investigated by the proper authorities. Let’s clean out all these representatives who have nothing better to do than harass parents and ruin lives. As obvious by the 7-0 ruling in the New Jersey Supreme Court, DYFS needs to re-evaluate their definition of abuse and neglect. This case is a clear example of personal bias and overzealous reaction.

      Stop DYFS from abusing their power by demanding a full investigation by Gov. Chris Christie: Sign The Petition.

    • profile image

      JefHenninger 7 years ago

      See what happens when you get an attorney? You get things done.

    • profile image

      momof2littles 7 years ago

      My ex-husband has been touching my 3 year old daughter for what he admitted to DYFS has been over a year. I only knew about the recent abuse because my daughter would come home very upset that her dad was putting cream on her "privates." I took her to see an independent psychotherapist because DYFS was investigating but she was still being abused during the visits. The therapist found that she was most definatly being abused and wrote a letter to this effect for me to bring to the judge to have visitation stopped. This was granted based on the fact that he would not stop touching her during every visit...even after DYFS got involved. After the visitation stopped DYFS decided to have her examined by what they called the "abuse team". Well, it was no team, it was 1 doctor - a regular MD with NO psychology background-- who after examining her and finding no penetration (thank god) and no redness, and being aware of the psychotherapist's findings, decided that her father touching her every other weekend for over a year was "appropriate" because he was applying cream for alleged redness. Now, there was no redness when he examined her, I have never seen any redness and her pediatrician did not see redness...but apparently she is red only during the short time he has her every other weekend. So DYFS closed the case without having my daughter seen by any "team" only this baffoon of a doctor who felt perfectly comfortable saying that it is appropriate for a man to apply cream to a three year old's vagina during every visit, every other weekend, while screams for him not to do it. I have since contacted an attorney and thankfully visitation is still suspended...but the future is unknown and the judges put so much faith in the DYFS workers who don't even have psychology degrees!!! They are over-paid, over-protected bunch of idiots who wouldn't know abuse if it were their own children!

    • profile image

      JefHenninger 7 years ago

      There is. But without a good attorney to keep them in check, there may seem like there isn't.

    • profile image

      kic 7 years ago

      why isn't there a a policy to what dyfs can do or not to do

    • cluense profile image

      Katie Luense 7 years ago from Buffalo, NY

      Awesome Hub! I rated it up a notch! Keep on writing! Great Information - Thank you for sharing it with us!


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