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Fighting Off Your Stage Fright

Updated on August 31, 2015

Our Brain Controls our Defenses

Our brain always knows how to react once it starts to sense what you are feeling inside. If you had this feeling of anxiety in front of the audience or at the backdoor, it will send brain waves to your body commanding to shut up your senses to protect you, hence, you have these lapses.

Our brain always had the ability to control our whole body system. So, taking into consideration that our brain is indeed powerful and can control our whole senses and actions, why not use it for your benefit. Our brain is just a small part of our body and if you just learn to control your brain, you will not find it hard to get over this little dilemma that you are in now.

Stage fright is a common problem than can affect people from all walks of life. Even the most successful performers had their own share of anxiety minutes before their actual performance. You might find yourself feeling nervous, shaky, in cold sweat and the worst is not being able to move, think or say something. Don’t worry but this is just a temporary lapses in your brain brought about by your fear of failure.

Control Your Brain

You can control your brain by renewing the kind of ideas or thoughts that you feed on it. You have this stage fright because you fear that you will not be performing good enough for the audience to appreciate. You are afraid you would be a laughing stock and will ultimately end up a loser. Nonetheless, what you are thinking will actually be sending these ideas to your brain and making it materialize. So, that is exactly what you get. Transforming your mind into positive thoughts will help you get away with your stage fright. Never accept that you are a loser since no person is such. It’s just that some were not able to identify their real purpose in life and suit their inherent talents that God had given them to the career that they had chosen.

Ways to Control Your Stage Fright Before an Event?

Do a Tension Exercise

Before you get yourself into an activity that will plunge you into a stage fright, you need to calm down to ease your tension. Do a tension exercise like controlling your breathing. Inhaling and exhaling exercise can do a lot to put your mind and heart at ease. You may also learn some tension exercise that requires you to bring oxygen to various parts in your body. Oxygen burns the fats that cause blockade to your body circulation, bringing you deep breaths and a feeling of anxiety. This way, you can observe that your body and voice tends to relax once your mind and emotions are under control.

Try Humming Gently

You may also try humming to steady your voice.

Eat a Banana

Eating a banana before a performance may also help you as it minimizes that nauseous feeling or the feeling of having an empty stomach. It won’t also make to full to throw up!

Chew a Gum

Chewing a gum can also lessen your tension. But before you chew your gum long enough, be sure you are not chewing it on an empty stomach or else, you will; find your stomach loud and grumblings and this could give you more reasons to be distracted.

Try Some Meditations

On the day before your performance or expected activity, rise up early and do some meditation either in your room, in your yard or anywhere silent for you to be able to relax as you meditate. Be sure you are comfortable in your body position. Close your eyes as you meditate and observe your breathing. Let your brain control every activity by focusing on it. Tell your brain to order every part of your body, especially your muscles to relax. It is also good if you try some soaking activity like meditating on the presence of God if you are a believer. Applying some Reiki Healing meditation is also best for this.

Avoid Drinking Coffee

Caffeine only added much to your disturbance, so better avoid it unless you are a regular coffee drinker. Instantly stopping the habit on this occasion will only worsen the tension that you are undergoing.

Be Prompt

Be sure to get as early as you can so you can be there ahead of time and of anyone. Getting ahead of anyone can give you the feeling of being in control. It will also ease your nerves unlike when you’re on a rush. Arriving in the location, where everyone is ahead of you will only give you a crushed feeling.

Try socializing

By talking comfortably with people, especially those in the audience before the event or show will lessen your nervousness. This will remind you, that they are ordinary individuals like you.This will make your expectations manageable enough to lessen your anxiety.

Make Your Imagination Run Wild

Like what I told you in the beginning, take a real control of your thoughts so you can control the mind. This is very significant for emotions are based on what runs beyond that head of yours. To settle your senses, try to make your imagination run wild. This will counter your fear or anxiety before the event. Instead of imagining you being their laughing stock, take a reverse of the events. Imagine things that could make you laugh.

Imagine how hilarious it could be if you see that people in your audience are those people-whom-you-don’t- expect-but-love-to-see, sitting there in nudes while encouraging you with their full attention and wild claps as they approved of your whole performance.

Drink Orange Juice or Lemonade

Drinking an orange juice or a lemonade juice 30 minutes before the show or event will lower your blood pressure and anxiety level.

Recite the words to your favorite song or poem. Falling into a comfortable rhythm will make you feel more at peace and in control. If you feel comfortable reciting the words to your favorite song or poem, you'll feel more comfortable about delivering your lines with ease


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How to fight your Stage Fright

More Social Exposures for Self Confidence

A stage fright can be exhilarating but remember that these two are just the same thing. It’s your attitude and thinking that decides whether you dread or get excited by something that instigate you to experience a stage fright.

Practice your Verbal Ability through Oral Reading

Practice makes perfect. Once you experience a fright, your oral ability is likely to be affected. To counter this, you must master a lot of confidence in your oral ability. By Read aloud your scripts or anything while you practice so you can hear yourself. By doing this, you will know where you go wrong and instantly improve it. Even writers do this. Surprisingly, by reading aloud, you will find out your mistakes and can quickly find ways to improve it just the way others people see it. By reading aloud, you may not only hear your mistakes in content but also your voice quality. Practicing it into perfection will give you utmost confidence in yourself and ability.

Think Positive

Believe in yourself. This is where everything starts. You might have lost your confidence along the way due to some situational reasons. But having a positive outlook counts a lot if you want to be successful in your career or relationships with other. People with a positive outlook in life are those that are there on top because they were able to gather more opportunities and financial channels for themselves. Who would want to be seen with a bitter or cynic individual?

Smile to be Friendly

A friendly smile can make your day! Try to be friendly and socialize more. Being with the right people at the right time can help you have a successful career!


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