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Equal rights of all human zygotes

Updated on September 13, 2014

Do Abortions fulfill human dignity?

To answer to this fundamental question, it is significant to discuss and define dignity. Human beings did not create and establish the concept of dignity. That is, God embedded in human consciousness the value of dignity in relation to all living things. Therefore, humankind is not the source of human dignity, rather omniscient God is the source. According to the World English Dictionary, Dignity is defined as "the state or quality of being worthy of honour." We need to keep this definition in mind throughout the reading. These are reasons we need to reject and obliterate the idea of humankind being the source of human dignity.

Human beings cannot be the originators of human dignity because its nature is inconsistent. We cannot depend on ourselves to be consistent in promoting dignity throughout the world. I commend many examples of how imperfect human beings have supported and defended different population of people in achieving human dignity. By contrast, we have seen in human history how substantial number of people have suffered, afflicted, attacked persecuted, devalued, hated, assaulted, etc., innocent human lives. These findings reveal that humankind is not reliable to maintain dignity for all human lives. In other words, humankind has two faces. This means people may appear to support and promote human dignity on the conscious domain or world and yet destroy human dignities in the domain of subconscious unspoken understanding. People are definitely inconsistent; they commit humane acts and turn around to engage in inhuman behaviors and actions. Society may preach loudly outwardly about importance of cultivating human dignity, but conduct experiments which totally are antithesis of its proclamations. This is not a great tract record for individuals to be loyal to human consciousness in upholding dignity for all.

As people, we need to understand that mankind is capable of and/or manipulates human dignity to fulfill wicked agenda, objectives, plans, experiments, selfish egotistical goals, etc. To put it simply, as a society we seem to moving toward new world order that is planning and working diligently to obliterate and undo any biblical God consciousness and teachings of Jesus Christ from human history. That means when individuals articulate biblically originated convictions on television, online, public radio, neighborhoods, universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, etc., we use sociological understanding to cause stress and make it difficult for people to live and work among people. Societal structures and institutions should live up to constitutional ideals and not demonstrate insecurities by manifesting animalistic behaviors which undermines human dignity. It seems to me that societal leaders, whomever they may be, who possess power whether unspoken understanding abilities or delegated powers via voting tend to abuse citizens who express their constitutional rights found in the Bill of Rights. It could be that people do not really adhere to the constitution of the United States.

There are many debates on the subject of abortion. We have two major parties that verbally fight between each other. Republican (also called the Right Wing) Party has its constituents who identify themselves as Pro-Life because they sincerely are convinced of the importance of attributing value and respect for all zygotes. On the other hand, there is the Democratic Party (also called the Left Wing) has supporters which are satisfied with under-valuing and not respect the state of zygotes. These individuals view themselves as Pro-Choice because they are convinced that the parents, specifically mothers determine the importance and significance of all zygotes. In other words, they may think of zygotes as inanimate things or slaves that do not inherently have rights. The idea is since mothers carry zygotes for months, it gives mothers to act as "God" over innocent zygotes. Both perspectives deal with the subject of rights, it is the matter of contrasting the differences between the rights of mothers and rights of zygotes. I see a problem with the mothers' rights arguments. The rights of pregnant women derive from parents of pregnant women. If we trace back to the time pregnant women were zygotes in their mothers' wombs, we discover that these pregnant women as zygotes were given rights to live by their mothers. Thus, pregnant women would not have the ground to exercise authority over zygotes if their parents aborted them during pregnancy. This analogy can continue throughout past centuries.

I want to use this opportunity to share how triune God is forgiving God. It is significant to point out that abortion is not the greatest sin in the "eyes" of God and therefore, it can be forgiven by merciful and gracious God. The greatest sin God will not forgive someone is the refusal to entrust himself or herself into the person of Jesus Christ while living in this world. If this person dies without having relationship with Jesus Christ, the heavenly Father will not forgive such as a person because Jesus Christ is the only way, truth, eternal life, and mediator between humanity and the Father. I want to encourage all mothers who have had abortions to embrace the forgiving arms of triune God and live for God.

Discussing abortion is a difficult subject and sensitive at same time. As a reader, I want to challenge and stimulate your perspective and attitude about abortion. The field of Sociology helps us to understand that a society consists of systems or parts. All societies had beginnings. I would argue family is the origin of society. We can never deny the family as insignificant because human societies have developed enormously. There would be no society without family. Let us concentrate and examine the beginning of all human beings and honestly evaluate the subject of abortion.

All imperfect human beings ever lived in the world began as zygotes. What is zygote? When two heterosexual people engage in sexual intercourse, an interesting thing occurs. The World Dictionary defines a zygote as " 'the cell resulting from the union of an ovum and a spermatozoon.' “This means that when this union takes place, it constitutes a unique human conception. With the zygote contains DNA, heights, heart, mouth, brain, legs, stomach, large and small intestines, Spleen, eyes, noses, upper and lower extremities, etc. These lists go on and on. All these characteristics are embedded in the domain of the zygote. Now let us fast forward three months, six months, and nine months. We begin to notice all characteristics embedded in the zygote start to appear one by one until birth.

As society, we compare adults with zygotes and wrongful judge zygotes from that frame of reference. The principle of judging by appearance becomes important. We judge a book (zygotes) by its cover (size, stature). To help grasp the process of the development of zygotes, I want to give these examples. There is discussion between Jesus Christ and a man named Nicodemus. This elderly man was educated and posted a question to Jesus.

4Nicodemus saith unto him{Jesus Christ}, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born? (John 3:4; KJV)

Hypothetically, Let us take a 21 year old person and trace this person back into the womb of the mother.

We can move from a year to year, month to month, week to week, day to day, hour to hour, and second to second.

Let us start tracing by moving 21yrs to 20yrs; 20yrs to 19yrs; 19yrs to 18yrs; 18yrs to 17yrs; 17yrs to 16yrs; 16yrs to 15yrs; 15yrs to 14yrs; 14 yrs to 13 yrs; 13 yrs to 12 yrs; 12 yrs to 11 yrs; 11 yrs to 10 yrs; 10 yrs to 9 yrs; 9 yrs to 8 yrs; 8 yrs to 7yrs; 7yrs to 6yrs; 6yrs to 5yrs; 5yrs to 4yrs; 4yrs to 3rs; 3yrs to 2yrs; 2yrs to 12 months; 12 months to 9 months; 9 months to 6months; 6months to 3months; 3months to 1 month; 1 month to 3 weeks; 3weeks to 2 weeks; 2 weeks to 1 week; 1 week to ZYGOTE OR CONCEPTION.

From this detail analysis, we cannot have a 21 year old person without a zygote. All human beings are zygotes. All zygotes are the beginnings of all humankind. It is impossible (human terms) to be adult persons without zygotes. Zygotes do not depend on adult or mature persons, but adults are dependent on zygotes for maturation. Here is another example to think about.

United States of America would not be able to function without its beginning of the constitution and the Bill of Rights. We cannot have the word "progression" without the beginning prefix and root. We cannot have the word "continuation" without the significance of the word continues. All technologies have beginnings. All inventions have beginnings.

We value, treasure, and appreciate all other beginnings except human zygotes. We love and value the beginning of everything in our society and the world except the beginnings of all humankind--Zygotes. Why?

We love all beginnings because we care more about material goods and money. This is why humans cannot provide authentic God kind of dignity. We need to embrace biblical God who created everything from the beginning to the end with dignity. Some people have become zygote atheists about the reality of human zygotes and this categorizes them as having bad faith. The answer to the previous asked question is abortions do not fulfill human dignity. I hope that I have stimulated and cultivate your understanding regarding the subject zygotes and abortion.

Humanity does not cherish, treasure, and value Human beginnings

Every beginning we deny, we are in bad faith, meaning we are suppressing the truth inwardly.

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© 2014 Michael Obeng


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