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Why should I worry about global warming?

Updated on April 14, 2016

Overview of global warming

The majority of the people's mindset revolves like "Global warming does not affect my daily life. Why should I bother about it?"A lot of people seem to be indifferent towards climate change happening around in the globe. It is difficult to accept the fact that world is going to end. Since, the human mind can’t conceive it, the truth is not going to change. The sufficient damage is already done and the most painful aspect is that, it is irreversible. Moreover, no remedial measures seem to be taken globally and the issue is left for the future to decide by itself. The destruction of global warming will happen at a steady pace and if unfortunate enough, we will have the chance of witnessing it.

The effects of global warming. Have they felt anywhere?

There are enough evidences to prove that around 4 islands have disappeared because of global warming. The places that were once visible in the images captured by satellite several years ago are now under the sea.

1. Sandy Island

2. Bermeja Island

3. Sarah Ann Island

4. Kiribati Island

All these islands have disappeared in 20th century. The increase in 2 degree celcius attributes for slow melting of polar ice caps. The ice when melts, starts to occupy a large amount of space resulting in steady increase in water level in the sea.

A Weapon of Mass Destruction

A CO2 weapon has been built and its powers are starting to rise; a weapon strong enough to create devastation to planet; a weapon that proliferates like the deadliest virus; a weapon which cannot be destroyed and a weapon built by human race to destroy themselves.

Top 6 Warmest Years


The Burden of over Population

Cause of Global Warming

The major factor for this issue is going to be over-population. It is not that the world will not have sufficient space for all the individuals to stay. The issue is different. It relies on catering the needs of every individual in the planet. The industrialization has brought in many quality goods for the human race and along with it a slow destructing venom of climate change.

The problem of global warming

Here is a clear picture how actually the climate change is affecting the planet and the magnitude of its severity assisted by graphs of future. The Greenhouse gases are emitted by the burning of fossil fuels by factories and power plants and vehicles. The thermal radiations from the sun, which have to be reflected, stay behind in the earth as they are absorbed by some green house gases like CO2, creating a shield around the atmosphere . The giant problem which accompanies it is global warming where the polar ice caps have the threat of being melted and the calm ice turning into monstrous liquid swallowing the land mass.

Suffocating Atmosphere

Time to Import Them to Zoos

Do you think human race could survive the crisis?

See results

The graph shows the temperature rise of the planet, which is currently 0.5 degree celcius. The continuing trend shall increase it to 4 degrees which must be difficult for the polar ice to maintain its form.

The Voice of UN Secretary-general

"We must limit global temperature rise to 2 degrees. We are far from there, and even that is enough to cause dire consequences. If we continue along the current path, we are close to a 6 degree increase".

"Too many leaders seem content to keep climate change at arm’s length, and in its policy silo. Too few grasp the need to bring the threat to the centre of global security, economic and financial management. It is time to move beyond spending enormous sums addressing the damage, and to make the investments that will repay themselves many times over".

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations (February 2013)

Politics over Climate Change

2005 was recorded as the warmest year in history and during the same time, Katrina Hurricane hit US killing numerous lives. The necessity to take immediate steps dawned on to the minds of people in political power.

In 2011, UN conference was held in Durban, South Africa. The conference President Maite Nkoana-Mashabane declared it as success, however the scientists stated that it was definitely not sufficient and stringent actions have to be taken.

This was followed by a climate change conference in Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha. Kyoto protocol was decided to be extended. More importantly, the richer nations were declared responsible for not able to decrease their carbon emissions.

Summit on Climate Change

Can We Prevent Global Climate Change?

The crisis can only be delayed. Immediate steps have to be taken by the authorities in power to cut down the carbon emissions. Though it may seem to be a Himalayan task, the necessity for it demands urgent decisions.

Some of the tips to keep earth cool

Earth has only 30% of land and on that 30% lies less than 1% of human race, and 2% of industries contributing 100% for increase in ocean and air temperature.

If you believe global warming is a large scale phenomenon and you can do nothing about it, then you are wrong. Some of the small things that you could do in your daily lives will help in arresting the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere thereby reducing the effect of global warming. Here are some of the tips to follow:

1. Car pooling

Vehicular emissions contain a lot of carbon dioxide and nitrogen components toxic for atmosphere. If you are a single person and you got to travel for a long distance, please try avoiding car and use public means of transport whenever possible. When going for jobs, the employees can unite and go to their offices by car pooling. This will not only reduce emissions but also ease traffic to a greater extent.

2. Plant trees in terrace

For those having houses on their ow, the government has to provide subsidy or any encouraging measures to facilitate them for planting fruits and vegetables in the terrace. We can have a relaxed time in the terrace and at the same time the plants will do their duty of absorbing carbon dioxide and leaving oxygen into the atmosphere. This habit will also prevent consumption of unwanted pesticides that are included in vegetables and fruits during their cultivation

3. Become more responsible.

Switching off lights when not in use, switching off AC's and even air-conditioners will help a lot towards checking the gases in the atmosphere. All the vehicles have to be designed with catalytic converter and the same has to be checked by Pollution Control Board. This catalytic converter will act as a filter for most of the toxic components of atmosphere.

4. Use more cotton clothes

As disposing of cotton is more environment friendly, it is advisable to use cotton clothes than silk or rayon. It is also recommended to use more recycled materials like papers etc.

5. Teach your children

One of the major duties you have is to create this awareness to the next generation. It is necessary to make them realize that this something you have to be responsible. Global warming have to become an integral part of school syllabus thus enabling children to get more awareness about it.

The Global Warming Is Real

The population is increasing geometrically and with it the effects on climate, exponentially. Things have gone out of control. Only procrastination can be done. The end is certain. Goodbye Mother Earth! It's time to search for another planet to live.


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