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Final Valentine 2010 Wishes

Updated on February 13, 2010

Our Time Together Has Just Begun

Let us remember the promises

that we made in days of yore.

The love we vowed to give each other

for now and forevermore.

We walk through the sacred portal

to a sphere of pure radiant light.

Hand in hand we close our eyes

and blow a sweet kiss to the night.

In my time of grief and sorrow

you were completely there for me.

I could feel your tenderness and caring.

How so very special you are to me.

I can never be compared to anyone.

I come to you from distant stars and suns.

You are my radiant beautiful angel.

Our time together has just begun.

My Sad Heart Shall Truly Heal

You bring out the very best in me.

This in my heart I truly do know.

Like a gentle budding seedling does

Love take its time and slowly grow.

You have stepped into my world

from an ancient field of dreams.

My angel, you are here to show me

that nothing is as it seems.

The soul star love connection

does transcend the spoken word.

Most petty trifles people speak of

are superficial, bland, and absurd.

So come to me in dreams, Sweet One!

Please help me to fully love and feel.

With your love and gentle guidance

my sad heart shall truly heal.

My Heart Does Heal

The softness of your hands as you touch mine.

The look of pure love when you sing songs divine.

Please know that I am always here for thee.

Our souls will shine in oneness for eternity.

We are lost in abandon in the music of the spheres.

You speak sacred words that mortals do not hear.

Only the angels can translate your verses so pure.

You have always loved me; that I know for sure.

Most people have not the slightest idea of who they are.

But you, my darling, dance with me on the stars.

We swim with the dolphins and we kiss the whales.

On the seven seas to the end of the earth we do sail.

Please, listen not to those who would dim our light.

Side by side, hand in hand does our souls take flight.

When you look into my eyes I see what is real.

My fears all melt away and my heart does heal.

Glorious Magical Rebirth

Hold my hand in joyous contentment

as we fly to distant golden stars.

No matter how far away you may be

I always know where you are.

You made a vow to love me

until the very end of time.

I promised to share my soul’s secrets-

Mysterious, profound and sublime.

We have witnessed the birth of worlds.

We have merged in the sun’s golden glow.

We have created History then erased it.

We have seen planets come and go.

We are the children of The Watchers.

Angels sent here for a mission on the earth.

We are here to be a guide and example

and to help in the glorious magical rebirth!

I Need Your Glow

I need your glow, my sweet one

since my light has seemed to fade.

Destiny has thrown me a big hurdle.

How is this game of life to be played?

You take me to sacred places

where no mortal has been before.

In the presence of angelic beings

do we rest upon glorious celestial shores.

I lift my arms in joyous gratitude

and sing the song of hope loud and clear.

At night in dreams you come to me.
Your kisses absorb my every tear.

One day we shall be done here.

Then we can return to our rightful home.

How I long for the days, my angel

when no more on this earth will we roam.

Time Once Again Stands Still

We stand underneath an iridescent waterfall.

The sun shines on the morning mist.

I lose myself in your magical presence.

Eagerly awaiting to be embraced and kissed.

My heart stops each moment I am with you.

Our spirits dance and soar across the stars.

A scintillating radiance enfolds us,

Taking us to worlds distant and far.

We behold marvels and splendors that

mortals are not allowed to see.

We return to the earth moments later.

I am filled with awe as I gaze upon thee.

You smile and approach me slowly.

I am filled with electrifying chills.

I lose myself in your embrace.

With you time once again stands still.

My Heart Overflows

Little rainbows appear on the waterfall

every time you smile down upon me.

Fairies and unicorns blow us a kiss when

you take me in your arms so tenderly.

I never realized how much passion

there was to be awakened deep inside.

Your love takes me far beyond this earth.

Heart to heart on the clouds we glide.

Lying side by side, you serenade me.

Your sweet songs bring tears to my eyes.

My spirit is merging with your soul.
I am filled with love chills and sighs.

The celestial ones bid us to take our leave.

We return to the earth renewed and whole.

There are no words to express what I feel.

I bask in your love and my heart overflows.

On Silver Moonbeams

From Eternity’s wishing well

let us take a magical drink.

To learn the lessons of love

We must feel and not think.

The mind rambles and babbles

trying to figure things out.

The first day I met you

I knew what love was all about.

I admit that I had misgivings.

I was frightened to the core.

Yet I knew deeply in my heart

that my spirit had to soar-

-to the realms of love and magic

where soul passion does rule.

To let fear hold me back would prove

that I was a coward and a fool.

Hold me close to you, my sweet one!

Let us embrace tonight in dreams.

Won’t you reach for me, my angel?

Let us ride on silver moonbeams.

Two Hearts That Are Truly Yoked

Two hearts that are truly yoked

cannot be hindered by sorrow or pain.

Let us remember who we truly are.
When we do there is so much to gain.

The first moment that I saw your face,

I knew that you were an angel sent to me

to wipe away my sorrowful tears

and to love me for all eternity.

I walk alone in the forest and speak your name.

Please hear my plea across the winds of time.

I look above and behold a solitary star,

and I know that our love is truly sublime.

Each day with you is a magical marvel.

I am astonished by your devotion and love.

I give thanks to the angels everyday

for bringing you to me from realms above.

Our Love Shall Eternally Last

There is nothing or no one my Love,

who can ever keep me from you.

In nightly slumber we journey to

magical lands where dreams come true.

We danced upon the stars long before

we sojourned upon these mortal shores.

Take my hand and walk with me.

Let us walk through the Heavenly doors-

-that lead to the labyrinth of knowing.

There the secrets of love shall be revealed.

Together, hand in hand, and heart to heart.
Our love shall be our sacred shield.

Time ceases to exist when I am with you.

Our love transcends the future and the past.

The angels promise me nightly in dreams

that our love shall eternally last.

To Each Other Do We Eternally Belong

Today I received a special revelation.

Our origins are from a faraway distant star.

When the Record Keeper speaks to me.

he says that I shall always know where you are.

The miles can never separate us.

We are united in heart and soul.

When I think of you our spirits touch.

Passions deep inside me ignite and overflow.

The unicorns take us on a mystical journey.

We wade in sparkling cool iridescent streams.

Hand in hand we explore magical forests.

We meet the oracle who interprets our dreams.

We learn that time and space are not real.

Our love is so ancient and very strong.

I will cross many veils to get to you.

To each other do we eternally belong.

Our Many Moments Joyous And Sublime

When I first saw your face,

I knew that you were mine.

You were an angel sent to me

from worlds celestial and divine.

Your glowing radiance

enveloped my soul and heart.

I knew the first moment that

from you I never wished to part.

The little things and thoughtfulness;

they truly endeared you to me.

Even when you were moody and fussy you

soon got over it and embraced me tenderly.

I am thankful for our time together.

I await your kiss and visit in spirit time.

I shall take comfort in the memories of

our many moments joyous and sublime.


Love’s Fountains Magical And Clear

Let us raise our glass, my Beloved.

Toast to our love, passion and romance.

Then pay homage to the fates and angels.

For our meeting was not by chance.

Of the millions of people on this earth,

Destiny brought you to me

to love and be loved wholeheartedly

for now and for all eternity.

I blow you kisses when you are at work.
We hold hands at dawn and at set of sun.

Every day is full of magic and mystery.

Our time together has just begun.

To experience Love’s blessings we must be willing

to move past our hurts, our doubts, and fear.

The rewards for the vulnerable risk takers is to

drink from Love’s fountains magical and clear.



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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Thank you. Blessings,


    • meteoboy profile image


      8 years ago from GREECE

      Great hub, with much inspiration , Thank you for this piece of Art.Greeting from Hellas


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