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Find An Acorn Plant An Oak The Carbon Soak or Any Tree Seed Anywhere

Updated on November 26, 2014

The Planets Lungs

We can all help ensure that the effects of our Carbon emissions are counteracted not only by reducing them but by finding and planting Acorns, thus Plant an Oak the Carbon Soak..

Or wherever one lives find seeds from any tree and plant them as they are the lungs of the Planet and can be renewed.

All that is needed is some 0pen ground and the owners permission and we can make a difference.

If all of us do this one thing then the next generation of trees will be born in abundance and at least each of us has contributed easily and totaly cost free to a better World.

Everyone should learn that CO2 emissions are the greatest cause of greenhouse effect and trees take in CO2 and emit Oxygen by Photosynthesis and thus the more new trees that are planted the greater the benefit to the Planet.

In the last two years well over 1 million trees were planted in India and Pakistan plus many hundreds of thousands in Brazil all thanks to input from other Green activists in those countries.

The UK has just made a £10 million fund available for reforestation in the UK and that is another step in the right direction.

Rich or Poor can do this at no cost just a bit of caring is all that is needed and we are the change and YOU can be the change YOU want to see in the World.


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