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Finding Your Purpose In Life Makes It Easy To Achieve Your Life Goals

Updated on May 21, 2014

Pursuit of Purpose By Dr. Munroe

I asked myself this question under the palm trees back in Kimbe where I was working. So, why am I here? Why am I here on Earth? The moment I found my answer, I resigned from the job to pursue my dream.

This is what I found: I was created for one purpose: to give and receive wealth. Wealth of money, education, love, happiness and success; to help myself and others achieve the things we want more than anything else in life, whether it’s making more money, losing weight, being happier or building a business. I am here to make dreams come true, for myself and for those around me. That is my life’s statement; that is why I am; that is the reason God decided to place me on this planet.

So, why are you here? You must find out. In you is a seed. Dr. Myles said, in the seed lies a forest. Man I find this intriguing. How about you? In the seed lies a guava fruit. But you know what many people do, they EAT the seed instead of the 100s or even 1000s of fruit the one seed is capable of producing. In you is untapped, unused, not realized, dormant, POTENTIAL

Good question here: How do I bring out those potentials? I don't know, I love to call it as mystery of the mind. All I know is that you have to educate yourself. Maybe you wanted to hear something more than this. Ok, then, grab a self-help book TODAY. Watch success of leadership video TODAY. Plan your future TODAY. Associate with people of substance TODAY. I said TODAY. Not tomorrow.

If you read a book on weight loss and in the middle of the book, you are told to put the book aside and get down for 5 pushups, what do you DO? What if the author tells you in the next page that if you didn't do the 5 pushups, please DON'T READ ON. Do you read on and get back and do the 5 pushup ups?

What you decide at that moment becomes your philosophy that determines your direction in life.

Prepare the soil (mind), don't worry about the sessions. You have no control over the session. Dr. Stephan R. Covey in his 90/10 principle said it well. He said we don't have control of the 10% of what happens to us but we do have control of the 90% of how we react to the situations

So, why are you here? Don’t be discouraged if you cannot find the answer to this question yet. That is why you picked up this book; you are searching, just like I did, and you will find answers only if you keep searching. You may find different answers to that question, and it may take you a while to decide which one is the right one for you, but as long as you keep searching, you will find the answer, the most important answer to the most important question you can ask yourself.

Without a sense of purpose in life, why are you getting up in the morning? Why are you going to work? Why did you (or will you) have kids? Why are you reading this book? Why do you do anything if you have no strong sense of purpose in life? The only thing that makes us substantially different from animals is the power to be self-aware, to go beyond surviving and achieve something. I’m not talking about just making money or losing weight; I’m talking about a sense of purpose, something greater than you. Living just for the sake of being alive is a terrible purpose. Dr. Munroe called this a lousy life.

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