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Finding a good tennant

Updated on February 22, 2010

Now, how do I rent an apartment. Well, let me first tell you that I have had a rental agreement created by my lawyer to cover the information that I hold important to me. It is NOT a lease. A lease only makes people uncomfortable. Think about it, if they want to leave, let them go. Why waste the time and effort to get ‘blood from a stone’ when there are a number of good people out there that have good clean money just waiting to give to you. I do recommend that you get some form of agreement in place.  Personally, I will use my agreement(s) and the Rent Control Board.

One of my rental units.
One of my rental units.

I find it important to give people the opportunity to leave in 30 days.  If they want to leave what I have to offer them, then they were not meant to be in the apartment in the first place.  The house or apartment must suit the people living there and the people living in the apartment or house for rent must suit the property.  Do you really want someone that collects car parts on your property?  Do you want someone that has 4 dogs?  Do you want someone that has a pittbull?  Do you want an 18 to 21 year old student?  Do you want an elderly person on the second floor that uses a walker?  It is very important to look around the neighbourhood and find who lives there.  Finding others that will fit into the neighbourhood and not stand out.  Yet not fall into any bad issues that may reside in the local area. 

I know it is hard to know someone after meeting only once but that is why I have a rental application.  Watch their demeanour as they fill out the paper.  Do they just cover up areas that you find important.  Do they ask questions?  Do they really read it!  I tell you, I have watched a number of people fill out the application believing they are actually renting the property.  I explain that I am excepting applications until Wednesday of the following week and then I will call the person that fits the property best.  Some people don’t like this, they want the apartment NOW.  Well, it is my apartment, I will rent it to the person(s) that I am most comfortable with.  It is my legal right to accept applications just like a business accepts applications for work available.  It is your right to accept applications too.  No one can accuse you of being biased or prejudice when you are willing to look at more than one person(s).  Here is an example advertisement that I would place in the paper or shopper.

I placed this in paper ad.


“ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS” for rent. One bedroom apartment. Clean, mature tenants, ground level, one parking space, recently renovated, $400 per month plus utilities. James xxx-xxx-xxxx email: xx @x . com”

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Understand that you need to keep a number of your rental applications readily available in the apartment.  I always have some in my cars glove box.  You just never know when you may meet someone that you are interested in renting to.  I have actually had a unit coming available and contacted a person to rent it.  I knew they would be a good tenant and they have, so far been there for just over 4 years. 

Listen to the people that rent from you.  Do not become a slum lord.  If they have an issue, deal with it.  If they leave, the next tenant will have the same issue if you do not fix/repair it.

Good luck and happy renting.


Use these Rental Agreements

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