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Fine Art Auctions: A Perfect Place and Time to Buy Beautiful Art

Updated on January 9, 2016

Paintings by Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, and Monet.

I watched an original etching in bistre by Alfred Sisley called Paysage A Louvecienes 1892 go for $400.00.

Five hundred fifty dollars for a painting gallery priced at $6,800. [usd]

Walter Wallor Caffyn. Original oil on canvas signed.

Angler on the Pond.

Gallery Price $42,500, bidding at $2,400 dollars. Unbelievable prices.

Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

He exhibited for over 20 years at the Royal Academy.

The paintings by Caffyn are very rare and valuable. Prices range up to $50,000 per painting. Beautiful painting with a man fishing on a river or lake, with cattails nearby. The colors are very realistic. Very real. Cabin. Quiet scene. You almost hold your breath waiting for his line to go crazy.

I am so tempted to bid on this painting. My husband loves fishing and this painting would look great on the wall. 36 seconds left on the clock.

The paintings by Caffyn are realistic. The auctioneer went on his computer and showed other paintings by the artist. The artist apparently used the same man in the boat in various landscape scenes. All very realistic, all very beautiful.

On the back of the painting Chillworth Pond Windsor Newton. The painting is signed.

In the background on the television, you can hear the auctioneer breathing. You can hear the phones in the background.

The bid is up to $4,300. Oh, now it's up to $4,500. The bidding is over in four seconds. Oh. Bid is up to $4,700... five, four, three, .. the hammer wiggles in midair.... he starts to hum the song from I believe the Dating Game.... SOLD.

Next, we are looking at a future date for an auction.

The President of the Paris Salon and the auctioneer are on the screen. She is, of course, from Paris and speaks English with her French accent.

There is a painting in the background of a woman. This painting has brown and blue. Blue Earth. The model is same as many others that she colors.

Martine Delaleuf. Gallery price $18,500 current bid is $500. This is an original gouache on paper Signed. Terre Bleue.

As I watch, and she explains her focus on painting, the bidding is up to $800.

Here we go, Live and in the studio, the painting is expected to go for five figures, so anywhere from $10,000.

One minute left to bid and he measures the painting. The bid is now $900. Now $1,000. I am excited to watch this. I love listening to her speak. She has that nasal twang to her English. I feel honored to be watching. Bidding up to $1,100. 22 seconds left for bidding.

The pressure must be exhausting.. One second left and the auctioneer has been informed that the bidding has bumped to $1,200. The painting is signed. Yes. Bidding, now $1,300. Now $1,500. Hammers up. SOLD.

Now, a sculpture. Green sculpture. original terre cuite sculpture in blue, signed Femme Nu.

Blue Woman.

Fired clay. Blue ceramic paint. In the same line as the Greek and Latin lines. Bidding at $600. He's looking for five figures again. Bidding now at $700. Gallery price at $11,500.

Historical, museum grade art. Bidding at $750, $800.. 41 seconds left on the timer.

We look at the historical on the computer. The bidding has a new clock. One minute left The bidding is at $950. The gallery price is much, much higher than the price commanded by the auction. Hammer up... five, four, I'm waiting for the gavel. SOLD.

Les Clochettes. Original oil on canvas. Martine Delaleuf. She explains the painting of the three faces

Martine explains what the painting means to her. Turquoise, light blue, green, and ochre. Little drawings of lace around the women. Fairy dust. Little points of red. Framed.

Signed on the reverse side. Little fairies with their bells. Current bid $800. 1:44 on the bidding clock.

Once a year, the most prestigious monument. The Southern Tower. Fine Arts. Paris. Eiffel Tower in the background. The virtual tour of the glass building. Exhibition Gallery.

Gallery price $19,500. Re-clocked. Current bid is $1,300.

Le Salon 2015. Five, four, three... SOLD.

Original gouache on paper signed. Au Bord de la Mer.

Martine Delaleuf.

Two people. A bird. Stripes of a flag. Actually many birds. 11 birds. Going away, to the sea. Gallery price $22,500. Current bid $1,000.

31 x 37 inch. Frame solid wood, plexiglass. Not dry mounted. Suede leather.

Now is your chance to bid on this art. Bidding to $1,200. 1:53 left on auction.

A Bord de la Mer.

The building has been there since the 1700's. The Salon or the Paris Salon.

Beautiful building. Bidding was down to the last second, then the bidding went to $1,300. $,1400. Two more bidders. $1,500. SOLD.

This is yours or my chance to get this amazing, old art by the old artists.

Sur Le Ponton by Martine Delaleuf.

The water was seen under the dock. blue, pink, orange. The eyes. Green. jeans. Woman sitting on wooden dock. Yellow, yellow red eyes. Complex painting. Television doesn't

Marie-Galante is where the painting was done. The picture of straight dock with wooden posts.

Original oil on canvas. 29 x 33. Bidding up to $1,500.

Sur Le Ponton means on the dock. Gallery value $26,500.

Bidding to $1,800. 1:58 clock. red, blue, purple. One line from head to hand. Many pieces of color, works in harmony. The artist explains what she was thinking when she painted it.

:13 on the clock.. $1,900, $2,000... five.. we hear $2,100?... SOLD.

Another masterpiece by Martine Delaleuf. Signed, Complices

Secret Friends, Confidents. You tell me, I tell you. We tell no one else.

Different, but opposite. Blue here, red here. Mutual cooperation. Secret between two persons, friends. Serious, but different. Only one line.

She likes constructions, she has training as architect, so, she paintings with lines. Current bid $500.

35 x 29 Sangoine line. Used in the Renaissance. Drawn line with shadows. Smudged.

Matisse used the smudging, also. $700. Simple, blue. Lines. $900. 1:58 on clock. $950. Framing black suede, gold fillet, matches frame. Solid wood. 25 seconds left on clock.

Elegant. :52 clock. These are not fakes, these are historical paintings. This is your opportunity to own huge paintings that are extremely rare and $1,000, $1,100.

He talks a lot and tells of the history of the impressionists. Early 1850. The Salon jury turned away a lot of paintings from the regular painters. Napoleon III had a show that exhibited these rejected paintings. The president of the Society.

This is the time to bid. $1,200 five, four, three... live television... A thousand dollar frame... SOLD.

That was to be the last, but there is a sculpture.

last painting, Gallery price $24,500, current bid $1,500.

Martine Delaleuf, original oil on canvas, signed, Les Petites Tomates.

$,1600, $1,700. final clock 1:58.

Red, blue, green, lace, the table is shown through the lace. $2,100.

Oh. Four more paintings to close out the night... the man who created the Statue of Liberty was a member of the Society. The sculpture in Paris, is smaller and looking to the USA.

$2,200 five, four... hammers up.. SOLD.

Martine Delaleuf, Diane. Hunter, sexy. Straight geometry. Sweet lines, cutting, like an arrow. She looks shy, but she's Diane, the Huntress. White, sexy and dangerous.

Gallery $18,500 current bid $600.

Complicated to introduce squares into painting. Colors soft blue, light tan and ochre.

Original gouache on paper, signed.


Black, lines... gentle touch. Straight lines. Freehand lines. 45 seconds left on original painting... Three paintings left.

History will look back on this show, rare moment in history, where a person will kick themselves for not bidding on this auction.

She was born near Notre Dame. She plans to travel to USA and China for art expositions. Apparently, there are art exhibitions in the that area where the prices are enormous, so he advises that you should bid on this, today... SOLD.

Still life.

Martine Delaleuf. Original oil on canvas, signed, Les Vieux Bols.. or the Old Bowls.

Gallery price $21,500 Current bid, $500.

old ceramic tiles, french style, 1899 building. Now, its up to date.

Dots on coffee cups, brown match the tiles on the wall. coffee in cup very strong coffee. Ceramic original bowls. Irreplaceable bowls. Transparent glass.

Live in Studio, Martine Delaleuf. :21 seconds left. $1,000, five four... three $1,100...

The studio gets so quiet when they are waiting for bids to come in.

Historical value. $1,200... $1,300 ... two calls coming in... SOLD

Martine Delaleuf, original gouache on paper, signed, Zig-Zag.

woman, zig-zag brown and blue, two colors used together. Few colors, brown, orange, soft line but only white paint across the breast, rough geometric stripes on zig-zag.

35 x 29 heavy gold frame, buffed suede fillet. $800, gallery price $18,500.

$1,000 . The sketch was done of a temptress, a memory. Strange mix. Relaxed.

Real museum pieces, DVR the show so your grandchildren can prove the value.

This is the one year anniversary of her last visit.

$1,100... 2:00 minutes on clock. Four new bidders on the phone. The first exhibitions were done in the Louve. Now, the Salon does the exhibitions. You can buy art at the Salon. When there is an exhibition, they do not sell, but you can buy.

The attack, on Paris, has resulted in limited visitors to the Salon. There seem to be more sales, but, fewer visitors. Most of the paintings are historical. The Salon is known as a public utility. Hammers up... sold.

the last painting,

Martine Delaleuf, lines, phones or internet lines, original oil on canvas, signed, Cornelia dites-moi. Tell Me.

Inside a spider web, all lines are calls, or internet. Wherever you are, you are in the Web.

Gallery price $29,500 current bid $1,200.

Woman is elegant woman, $1,500. Dites Tell to Me.. Moi me. $1,600. Ankle lines go through the hand. Very difficult to paint this way. The color is hard to portray on camera.

$1,900, $2,000. The bidding will still be going after they go off the air, so we won't be seeing the ending bid on this painting.

Manhattan Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art. Ray Taylor, Fine Art Auctioneer, January 9 and 10. See you tomorrow.

Martine Delaleuf

I was quite enthralled to watch this show. It was so exciting to see the gallery prices and to see the bids unfolding and the final bidding. They were saying that the prices should have been much higher, but that the phones were too quiet. But, that is the way it goes. Some days you get a lot of calls and the prices are fantastic.

So, as a buyer, the prices were very within reach. I hope that those lucky bidders are very happy with their purchases. Congratulations!


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Wonderful idea for procuring fine art!


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