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First ATM opened September 2, 1969

Updated on September 1, 2014

What comes next after the ATM?

I was on this day September 2,1969 that the ATM that we all see on nearly every street corner was first opened for use in these United States of America. And where else would such a desirable machine be born and witnessed in use for the first time than the one and only New York in Rockville Center at Chemical Bank.

Who can we thank for the machine that spits currency at us like a baby returning unwanted Gerber? Don Wetzel was the executive at Docutel, a Dallas company that developed automated baggage handling equipment, that received the honor of being named, "Father of Annie." While waiting in line at a bank, Don decided that people would do better than waiting in long lines in the future and now folks at McMurdo station in Antarctica can get their cash from a metal box plugged into a wall outlet. Who'd have thought? Oh, I guess it was Don Wetzel.


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