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First Trial Cheating On The Examination

Updated on August 23, 2016

Cheat For Diploma

It has been 3 years ago when I ever try to cheat during my examination in hall. And the result, I passed all the examination and rewarded by a Diploma. Now, it still remind me about the moment where we cheat to pass the exam that we are not supposed to sit for.

I really miss that moment. I miss the atmosphere, the environment and everything about my friends there. Now, I am a step more to go to get my Bachelor Degree. Frankly speaking, there a huge different lifestyle if compared to my Diploma lifestyle which I have many friends from all around the state from the beginning until we get the Diploma. But not today, because every semester, I meet with new friends from other class.

I am pretty sure that those who read this will agree with me. But then, from time to time this will teach us to appreciate more about friendship.

To be continued? Perhaps. Enjoy my first article guys.


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