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Five Epic Homework Excuses

Updated on July 6, 2016

Face it, we've all been in a situation in which we have to lie about why we don't have our homework. Even the best students slip up sometimes, it's inevitable. Unfortunately, teachers don't generally take excuses like "Honestly, I just couldn't be bothered." You can always opt for the classic "I left it at home." With some teachers it'll work once or twice, but if you use it too many times it gets pretty obvious you're lying. Listed below are five epic homework excuses that will mean you'll never get another detention for late homework again!!


Number One: Sibling Scribbles.
Got a younger sibling? Excellent, you're set! Don't have one? Don't stress! Take your homework and scribble all over it with a permanent marker or pen. If you have time then try to answer at least one of the questions, so it looks like you started it before disaster struck. Present it to your teacher with a sheepish little grin planted firmly on your face. Tell them that your pesky little brother/sister got to it. If you don't actually have a little sibling just remember that some teachers have memories like elephants and don't be surprised if they ask you how your non-existent sibling is doing a couple of months in the future. If you want to go all the way you can crumple up the paper a little or even spread some kind of sticky substance on it, to make it look like a toddler really wreaked havoc with it.

Number Two: Parental Permission.
Forging a note from a parent works great in any situation, just make sure not to sign it with "From Mum" or your teacher may suspect. Try to use some words that your teacher would think are way out of your vocabulary range, and make sure to perfect your swirly grown-up handwriting before you even attempt to pull this one off. Make the excuse you put on the note seem pretty legit, like you were sick and couldn't complete it or you had a prior family engagement. Also, try to forge your parent's signatures to the best of your abilities, because teachers can be very perceptive. Below is an excellent example of what not to do...

Number Three: Crazy Computer Crap.

This one is fairly elaborate, so you probably only want to use it for major projects. If your homework is to be submitted electronically, then you're pretty much set. Open a word document and name it something like %62&\}=09.doc. Go on the internet and find a bunch of computer coding crap that looks convincing (googling 'Computer Gibberish' will do the trick). Copy and paste it into your word file, making sure to fill at least three pages. Then email it to your teacher and hey presto, your teacher will think that it was their computer that screwed up while it was opening your file!!

Number Four: Pet Pandemonium.
This one is fairly similar to number one and works just as effectively. Take your homework, rip it and scrunch it up a little, then pour apple juice or any other yellow drink all over it. Take it into class (probably in a plastic bag) with a grossed out expression on your face. Show your teacher and say something along the lines of, "I know it sounds really stupid, but my (insert pet of your choice) peed all over the homework sheet." If you want to be thorough then mention something about it being ironic because of the classic 'the dog ate my homework' excuse and you'll instantly sound more credible. The only issue with this one is if the teacher notices it smells more like apples than pee, but if everything goes according to plan they'll be a little grossed out too and won't want to get too close


Number Five: Family Funeral.
This one is pretty self explanatory, but I would advise you to only use it in cases of extreme emergency (massive assessment, project worth twenty percent of your grade ect). Quietly go up to your teacher at the start of class and tell them you're very sorry but you weren't able to finish the homework because you had a funeral to attend. If you keep your expression solemn the teacher (if they have a heart at all) will immediately excuse you. If they decide to dig a little deeper tell them it was for either an uncle/aunt or a close family friend. This will work every time, but also has some major consequences if your teacher somehow finds out you actually didn't do it because you were playing video games. This excuse also pairs very well with the 'note from the parents' trick, so if you want to go all out then write yourself a note too.

Note: If you pre-plan a little, you can always avoid school alltogether by faking being sick, earning you a couple of extra days to finish your homework! For information on how to fake being sick properly, check out my hub: How to fake being sick to get off school.

Which excuse do you think is best?

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Have a gret day and happy lying!!

If you have any other homework excuses that have worked for you in the past then comment them down below!!


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