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Five Most Effective Books To Help You Learn Chinese Language (For Beginners)

Updated on May 15, 2016

Why Learn Chinese Language?

"With more than 955 million speakers, Mandarin claims the top spot as the world’s most common language."

Chinese language is the most comprehensive and widely spoken language worldwide. The importance of Chinese language can be seen in terms of a very big Chinese international product market, influence of China on world's economy, development and innovation in Chinese products and the attractive Chinese lifestyle and tourism.

Learning Chinese language is an amazing and challenging experience at the same time.

Effective ways to learn Chinese Laguage

If you just browse the internet, you will find thousands of resources to learn Chinese Language efficiently, but not all of them will be easy, proper or even much effective. Finding the right source according to your level (Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advance) is quite challenging. If you do not start from the right place, you will feel daunting or exhausted after very few lessons. But if you get to start from the very scratch of the Chinese Language, you'll actually feel it to be easy and interesting.

Listed below are five of the very effective books for beginners, all you need is the very basic knowledge of Chinese language as a perquisite of using these books. These books are neither boring nor difficult to understand, they're actually very informative and engaging books to start with. And once you finish them all, you can easily read, write, speak and understand Chinese Language.

Volume 1

VOLUME: 1 ISBN-13: 978-0804833592 ISBN-10: 0804833591 VOLUME: 2 ISBN-10: 0804833605
VOLUME: 1 ISBN-13: 978-0804833592 ISBN-10: 0804833591 VOLUME: 2 ISBN-10: 0804833605

Volume 2

1. 250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use

Author: Philip Yungkin Lee

250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use is a perfect book to start learning Chinese basic and essential words that we use in everyday life. The book offers a very comprehensive knowledge about each and every word. The Student's guide at the start of the book gives you a basic knowledge about basic strokes, strokes order, Chinese Language consonants, vowels and tones.

For every word you learn, you will learn the meaning of the word, tone usage, radical, compounds, sentences and meaning and at last you get enough space after each word to learn step by step how to write it.

After every 10 characters, you're given a quiz to test your leaning, and character building and review is provided after almost every 5 quizzes. The book is an excellent tool for beginners to learn basic Chinese Characters for everyday use. The book comes in 2 volumes and can be bought online or downloaded from different resources online.

ISBN-13: 978-0812096897 ISBN-10: 0812096894
ISBN-13: 978-0812096897 ISBN-10: 0812096894

2. Barron's Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way

Author: Lifei Ji

Barron's Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way comes with a pronunciation guide which offers basic knowledge about Chinese Language. The book also describes the difference and similarities between English language and Language Language.

Each chapter refers to a situation in our daily life, for example, getting to know people. It comes with a short dialogue with tones and English translation between two or more characters. You will learn the vocabulary related to each chapter, with some cool exercises and cartoon expressions, making the learning productive and engaging. This again is a very comprehensive and effective book for beginners.

The book is readily available online for download or a hard copy of the book can be found at famous shopping websites.

3. Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook

Authors: Yip Po-Ching and Don Rimmi

ISBN-13: 978-0415472159

ISBN-10: 0415472156

The books offers the basic and practical Chinese Grammar with detailed usage information and some important exercises after each lesson. Chinese Grammar is a little challenging for beginners, since it is quite different from that of English Language. You might need some help from the internet or yout teacher/friend at the start but once you start understanding the basic rules and usage of Chinese Grammar you can easily continue all by yourself.

A quick quiz about basics of Chinese language

view quiz statistics
ISBN-10: 7301115156 ISBN-13: 978-7301115152
ISBN-10: 7301115156 ISBN-13: 978-7301115152

4. Handbook of Chinese Idioms

Author: Deng fang

Handbook of Chinese Idioms is a comprehensive idioms book for learning Chinese idioms. It lists major Chinese idioms in alphabetical order with English translation and possible sentences. you need to have some good command over Chinese language if you want to learn Chinese idioms. The book is a good way to start.

Chinese idioms are different than the English ones, they are short but holds important in oral and written Chinese Language. They might be a little hard to grasp and you might not need to learn all of them as a part of your learning. Just pick the ones you find most useful and start using them during your conversation.

ISBN-10: 0071627367 ISBN-13: 978-0071627368
ISBN-10: 0071627367 ISBN-13: 978-0071627368

5. McGraw-Hill's Chinese Pronunciation

Author: Live ABC

McGraw-Hill's Chinese Pronunciation is a strongly recommended book if you want to learn Chinese Pronunciation. Correct pronunciation during conversation is way too important in Chinese language, use of the incorrect tone completely changes the meaning of the word. This book is very descriptive and makes learning Chinese pronunciation enjoyable with colorful pictures and cartoons.

There book contains very informative and detailed information about the pronunciation and consonants and vowels and all other major pronunciations. are number of exercises to practice what you have learned. The book comes with a CD and offers you a complete package of Chinese pronunciation. It can either be bought or can be downloaded from various websites online.

What do you think is the most challenging part of learning Chinese Language

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I hope you will find the books helpful and easy to follow while learning Chinese Language. All of them can be bought or downloaded online. you can also contact me to get the soft copies of them all.

Wish you a very best of luck!

© 2016 Syeda Akhtar


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