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Five Things I Love About Space

Updated on March 23, 2011

This is the 3rd day of the gratitude challenge I started.  I have always been fascinated by space exploration.  Who can't be?  It's the epitome of the unknown.  It's so big, you can't even imagine going through it all.  You can't even imagine the time it takes to get to our closest star. But throughout all this unknown, one thing we know for sure is that there is tonnes of possibilities.

1. We make discoveries every day

Who knows what we will find out next.  If you didn't already know, they've found water on Mars. As well as water on many other moons around other planets.  We know the universe is constantly expanding.  We even have new evidence of the building blocks of life (just found that out today). And this is just our solar system.  There are billions upon billions more!  

2. We will have space tourism soon!

In fact, if you have the money you can go up into space within the next couple of years.  That is the ultimate experience.  Floating around in space.  I suspect it will be more open to the public in my lifetime so I plan on going someday!

3. It gives us a beautiful view at night

Now who can stare into the sky for hours, pondering at all the stars, planets, moons, tiny galaxies, supernova, pulsars, black holes, suns, asteroids, solar systems...

You get the point, but I can.  As well as that I try to find constellations that I remember.  How did someone just stare into the sky and name a figure out of the positioning of the stars.  Then tell enough people to let it pass on to us, now.

4. Star Wars, Star Trek and Avatar wouldn't exist.

Thank you space!

5. It's endless!

Pondering about space can really help anyone trying to meditate.  Or even just trying to focus.  It's such a grounding thought to think about how it perfect works in harmony out there.


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