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Fix it yourself…… BE the game changer!

Updated on January 17, 2017
Thomas Edison,  Just ONE of the greatest inventors of all time.
Thomas Edison, Just ONE of the greatest inventors of all time.

Let it flow…….

Thomas Edison would sit quietly in his favorite chair. While holding a few marbles he would allow himself to totally relax. If the marbles fell out of his hand while sitting there he would realize he had dozed off and he would begin again, holding his marbles. This is how he developed his numerous patents. Not by having numerous thoughts but allowing himself to “percolate” ideas without being interrupted by other thoughts. Some would call it meditation, or inspiration still others may credit a persons innate abilities with achieving the amazing results that he has had. Fortunately we can all have the same type of results. We, as a species, are problem solvers. Knowing this we should utilize our abilities more effectively. This can be learned.

Ofcourse there is a place for degrees and training for specific accomplishments. That being said we must realize that everything we utilize has had it’s roots in waiting for an answer regarding how to get it done. Someone at one time or another awaited the answer from within. Very often our parents inability to repair,fix or create solutions are offered up as a way to explain our ineptness. A newly emerging field called Epigenetics ( Bruce Lipton; The biology of belief ) has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that our thoughts are more powerful than our Genetics.. That our DNA is NOT the final word regarding our abilities mentally, physically or spiritually.

As an example; I actually enjoy rescuing people who have had their car break down on them. It never ceases to amaze me how often they do not even investigate the problem. Never lifting the hood they bemoan their fate. Find fault with themselves for never having taken Auto repair in High school or stating they are not wired for this type of situation. This is a way of making themselves right. They would rather be stranded than be curious about what type of a solution they might be able to provide. “See I never would have thought of that” is a common phrase. My retort; "No perhaps you would have thought of something better”. As we remain alive on this planet we keep learning. Conscious of it or not we learn how to handle things or get other to do it for us.Some people have learned to act helpless. this is like Edison dropping marbles and quitting and never getting to the final prize, resolution of the problem.

We need to relearn not only HOW to think but WHAT we think. Several Auto break downs have been merely a poor/bad/disconnected battery cable. Had they looked under the hood this would have been visible and through the art of Obnosis ( observing with purpose ) an Idea would have been formulated that probably would have resolved the situation. A fellow named Walden once said that most problems can be resolved by a walk around a lake. Once again this alludes to allowing the mind to “percolate”. As homo sapians we seem to rush this very significant decision making process to our own determent. Some times days are needed in order to resolve a conflict, even if it is an on going battle with something like an errant Yard Squirrel. All of a sudden, it seems, we get a new idea and the battle is won anew. A newer mouse trap is always a welcome advancement along our developmental pathways. As we evolve we experiment and become curious. It is true that when I am only thinking about the fastest way to the cheese I may be over looking or even ignoring, the safest and perhaps most cost effective way to procure the cheese. These multi layered executions of action take time. Have you ever had the experience of a child offering a viable solution that you were amazed at? I’ve met a lot of brilliant children. I have also noticed that when ever I am outsmarted I do think the other person is BRILLIANT ! Funny how that works.

What the children all seem to have in common is the ability to allow thoughts to emerge, they are unimpeded by the influences and pressures of pride,ego,fear. By permitting this process to occur they allow the universe to offer up solutions.

The entire universe is conspiring to be of assistance to YOU ! Perhaps you are not capable of restoring a cam shaft in your V 8 motor alongside the road. This might provide however, ample opportunity to review other solutions and a wide variance of possibilities opens up. Things do break down and wear out. How ever if we remain in tune with what we are doing/creating and being on a daily basis we will be fixing things a lot less and have solutions at our disposal that we have never thought of before.

Recently having purchased a front end loader washing machine for the house, I was irked by it breaking down directly after the warranty ran out. The electronics seemed to drop out every now and again. Dismayed I call the store, they apologized. After a little dialogue we agree on a time for the repairman to come out. Several days away I might add and not for free. I decide to unplug it, What could it hurt? it’s not working anyway! The next morning I decide to see if I could get away with doing a load of wash. It worked perfectly. This continued several times until I had to make a decision regarding cancelling the service call. When I make the call I proudly explain what I had discovered. They explain to me that this is not possible. That there could be no connection between the unplugging and the electronic malfunction. I cancel anyway.

By simply adding a switched power strip between the outlet I had been using and the washing machine. Only turning it on when I needed it I have been enjoying a full 8 months of uninterrupted washing machine service. So far so good. Sometimes things just defy logic.

Things such as this routinely happen to me. Is it because I am willing to become curious more so than having a need to provide an answer for everything? I think so. The next time a challenge arises, remember to hold onto your marbles, and allow the universe to provide the help it so desperately wants to provide to you.


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