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Flamingo Pickin' Surprised Nits

Updated on August 15, 2010
Flamingo Pickin' Surprised Nits, rickzimmerman 2010
Flamingo Pickin' Surprised Nits, rickzimmerman 2010

No, this frustrated specimen of Phoenicopterus ruber (or American Flamingo) is not pickin’ Nits, the Dutch pop group formed in 1974 and still producing music today (biggest hit: “Nescio”, 1983).

Nor is this hassled wader pickin’ nits, those units of light measurement equal to one candela (the approximate luminous intensity of one candle) per square meter.

And I would bet that this carotene-tinged shore bird with the long neck is not pickin’ nits, wimpy poker or billiards players who always play it safe or back down under challenge.

Lastly, it’s not very likely that this poor guy is pickin’ nits, trivial and meaningless details.

No, I would bet that the nits this waterfowl is pickin’ are typical lousy lice and/or their eggs. And it would appear that all of those little nits are quite surprised that we finally arrived at the right definition, and that this bird’s uniquely formed beak has finally found them. Ouch! 


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