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Flat earth, anti - evolutionist and anti - gravity Christians

Updated on September 22, 2016
Flat earth as believed by some in the Christian faith.
Flat earth as believed by some in the Christian faith. | Source
Some Christians still accept a literal Adam and Eve.
Some Christians still accept a literal Adam and Eve. | Source
Isaac Newton who discovered gravity whose ideas are still not accepted by some Christians.
Isaac Newton who discovered gravity whose ideas are still not accepted by some Christians. | Source
Stephen Hawking today's equivalent to Newton.
Stephen Hawking today's equivalent to Newton. | Source
A round world viewed from space but even now some Christians do not accept this.
A round world viewed from space but even now some Christians do not accept this. | Source
A jokey take on evolution a subject some Christians deny.
A jokey take on evolution a subject some Christians deny. | Source

I am not ashamed to admit I am a forward thinking Christian of the 21st Century who believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ and believe he will return again at some point in history. I believe the Bible is a book inspired by God to the writers all those thousands of years ago when it was put together by human beings.

That said I also accept the idea of evolution which to me does not rule out a creator God and I accept the theory of a big bang as science has proved this time and again as the galaxies seem to be rushing away across the universe as if from some massive force and to me this explosion at the beginning of time approximately 6 billion years ago was started by a creator God. Going back to evolution there is fossil evidence to prove the world is not 6,000 years old and then humans like any every other creature on this planet that has lived and will ever live is the process of adaptation and development call it evolution if you will. There are still gaps in the development of humans from ape like ancestors and I accept that however the fossil record as far as I know is more or less complete enough to suggest that we humans like everything else on this world of ours developed from other creatures but as I said why should not a God be behind this.

Also the earth has a magnetic field as proved by Isaac Newton and counter parts today like Stephen Hawking. We have been to space and landed on the moon and sent probes to Mars and other planets in the hopes we can detect life on other worlds. The international space station proves our world is round and orbits the sun as do the other worlds in our solar system no longer is the earth the centre of the universe as was believed in medieval times again none of this rules out God as far as I am concerned. There will be many Christians reading this who will beg to differ with me and thats fair enough the church should be a democracy not a dictatorship and there are various schools of thought in the church on many subjects whether they be Bible related or no and thats fair enough. All that matters is that we accept Jesus Christ and God which is the doctrine of our beliefs regardless of church denomination.

I must though say and it is not my intention to upset my fellow Christians as I have stated the church has many schools of thought within it whatever those schools of thought think and about many subjects. However there are Christians today who still take a literal interpretation of Adam and Eve, believe the world is flat with a domed sky and that gravity is an illusion.

I would just like to point out that in as much as I respect my brothers and sisters in the faith I cannot comprehend that people today Christian or otherwise accept such beliefs that should have been buried with the medieval times. Of course they will present their scientific evidence to back up their beliefs and indeed there probably are scientists that believe this too but I think you will find the weight of evidence tends to back scientists who back evolution, a globe world and of course gravity and many of these scientists are Christian. To me the science that I accept as a Christian simply explains God's handiwork whether it be the stars in the night sky or the wings of a butterfly.

When you have the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Alliance saying accepting evolution for example is not a view that is anti - God then to me that endorses the fact that faith sits well with science.

However it seems there are those in the church who still accept a literal creation, the fact that the earth is flat as far as they are concerned and there is no gravity and if anyone suggests otherwise they are deluded.

Finally the fact that Christians are still arguing over such things as I have outlined in this piece and the fact that these arguments were supposed to have been settled years ago and yet they are not as far as some in the faith are concerned to me is a worrying thing even though I love them and respect them as fellow believers as I hope they do me.

Break down of various groups who believe in creation.

As I have mentioned there are those that still take a literal interpretation of the Bible and as I said I have no problem with believers who hold to these views and I have outlined why respecting them in those beliefs I differ with them.

Creationism was a belief ongoing before Darwin and still holds water today with many people even some scientists and academics.

Here is a break down of the different and varying views in the creationist field:

1) Flat Earthers

2) Geocentrists

3) Young - Earth Creatonists

4) Old - Earth Creationists

5) Day/Age Creationists

6) Gap Creationists

7) Progressive Creationists

8) Intelligent Design Creationists

All these beliefs are variations of the Creationist view of the world and the Universe but as you can see even with Creationism there are various schools of thought even with that. For example Flat Earthers believe the planet is flat with a domed sky where as the some of the groups adhere to some of the the templates of evolution.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      23 months ago from Blackpool

      Glad your in agreement with me on some issues

    • Greensleeves Hubs profile image

      Greensleeves Hubs 

      2 years ago from Essex, UK

      Thanks for your views on these religion-science issues, and whether or not a belief in God is compatable with modern scientific thought and understanding. As an atheist with a science background, I see no reason to believe in a God, but I nonetheless welcome (and respect) your acceptance of science though with an underlying belief in a creator as initiator and guider of natural processes.

      However, I cannot really understand the refusal of the fundamentalists you mention, to accept overwhelming evidence, objectively arrived at, which supports evolution and other scientific theories. I think there really is nothing that would persuade such people that the Bible may not represent complete and literal truth. They have a faith which overrides and denies factual evidence.


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