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Flat on moon very soon.

Updated on July 23, 2015


American research agency NASA has decided to make permanent colony on moon for humans.
The NASA Going to complete his plan step by step-
1. NASA first send robot till 2017 on moon to study about the environment who will send report .
2. In new series of next 5 to 7 years NASA will send human on moon.
3. According the plan rovers will search for hydrogen on the poles of moon till 2108.
4. Robots will start to make colony on moon till 2021 and may be human will go to check that at the end of that year and human colony will possibly completed before 2030.
5.NASA will arrange similar kind of system to send human's on moon which he use to send people on IAS.
6. NASA Gets 4 billion dollar every year to carry human on its SITE . NASA will not need extra money to transport people between moon and earth.
7. NASA can do mining for hydrogen on the poles of moon which will help him to bear extra expenses.


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    • prashant17july profile image

      prashant17july 2 years ago from lucknow

      That's Great.