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Flight of the Butterfly and Life's lessons

Updated on April 19, 2012

From an ugly cocoon on my tree, you are born,

and a beauty, for all, soon to see,

So lovely is your impressive flight, you flit about,

to heights, well beyond my sight.

Your wings of yellows, and blues and golds,

a delight that nature, to us unfolds.

Colorful flowers, much to you, they owe,

as for each one, you help them grow.

What is your purpose hear, we ask,

with out stretched wings, in sunlight you bask,

Only to carry pollen to open lips,

while summer's warmth, and the day's light slips?

Will your presence here, forever to be,

in seasonal splendors, and for all of eternity,

You perform your tasks hour by hour,

in your winged flight, from flower to flower?

Will human kind's awful careless way,

spell your demise, put an end to your stay,

Never to spread such a loving bliss,

upon this earth, as from nature's own kiss?

Where are your brothers, honey bees and birds,

will a similar fate, eclipse all words,

The dreadful poisons, all sorts of pesticides,

destroy your life, as in deceit, it hides?

Butterfly please rest, above us, so high,

in your radiant wonders, we still see you fly,

Escape the sadness so dealt, by the few, unkind,

a sanctuary to hide, for you to find.

The loss of your splendor and the treasures you give,

in sadness, then, our lives to live,

Will all life now, in shadows be so cast,

be and ending to us all, can our world really last?

Butterflies in yellows, the red ones and the blue,

there's nothing prettier in the likes of you,

Don't leave us, for your loss will cause our despair,

we all need you and express our care.

Come back each Springtime and to seek warm Summer's call

then so, fond days at last, in the cool days of the Fall,

For as a canvas with no colors, without you, incomplete,

the taste, without your nectar, not as sweet.

All rights reserved, copyright

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