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Flooding: Nature’s Own Nightmare

Updated on July 5, 2017


Nature comes with a number of benefits. Some of which include sun, rain, vegetation and ocean. All these have purposes they serve. Living plants need sun as well as rain to survive. Human beings need sun through which they can obtain natural Vitamin D. Some animals feed on grasses located on grasslands. Sea transportation has been possible through oceans and its like. However, at times, nature comes with uncontrollable forces. One of such forces comes as flood. What may have started as a simple rain could turn into disaster when it causes flooding in the surrounding environment. Many locations face flooding but certain areas are more prone due to their elevations and geological structures. Flooding can be grouped into five different types: Rainfall related, riverine, Estuarine and coastal, urban flooding and catastrophic. However, only urban flooding will be discussed in the article respectively.

Flash Flood Water Pushed Vehicle into Tree area


Flooding due to Heavy Monsoon in Phoenix, AZ


Urban Flooding

Urban flooding can be caused by river floods, coastal floods or flash floods in a built environment, particularly in more densely populated areas, caused by rainfall overwhelming the capacity of drainage systems. A very heavy rainfall can cause flooding in urban areas when the city sewage system and draining canals do not have the energy to drain away the amount of falling rain. There are a number of ways in which heavy rain enters properties: toilets and sinks into buildings; seepage through building walls and floors; backup through sewer pipes, the accumulation of water on property; and the overflow from water bodies such as ponds, rivers and lakes.

Flooding around a Home


This form of flooding is a big disturbance for daily living. When there is such flood, it usually causes tremendous economic loss. Sometimes, it can cause road block. It can also affect activities through the day since people may miss work and school children would not go to school due to road block or schools affected.

Drinking water and Electricity

Overall, flooding in general can cause much more problems when reviewed. It can affect electricity which then has knock-on effects caused by the loss of power. Water treatment and water supply may be affected and could result in loss of drinking water or severe water contamination. It may also cause the loss of sewage disposal facilities. As a result, water may not be clean. Source of drinking water combined with human sewage through flood waters raises the risk of waterborne diseases.

Floods may cause serious problems to roads and transport infrastructures. As a result, it becomes difficult to provide help to those affected or to provide emergency services. Some of these damages cause the state government tremendous amount of money to repair. The impact it has on transportation is unbearable because accidents are likely to occur and people may be stock on the roadways.

Impact of Flooding

Damages to public buildings and recreational sites can affect tourism. The problem can affect the owners as well as frequent visitors to such amenities. It can become a very serious loss with serious expenses on the repair side.

Urban flooding can lead to severe wet houses, which are linked to an increase in respiratory problems and other illnesses.This kind of flooding also has significant economic implications for affected neighborhoods. In general, housing experts estimate that flooded basements can lower property values by 10-25 percent and are referenced among the top reasons for not purchasing a home. According to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, about 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a flooding disaster. Such a disaster can be detrimental to ones financial security.


Weather forecasting can help to minimize some of the damages caused by flooding. When I say such statement, I actually mean to address the areas human beings can control which include avoiding the roads, leaving early from a visited sites and being alert about storm and heavy rain. In addition, parking away from roadside or street parking during storm or heavy rain warnings is recommended to avoid loss of personal property.


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    • Uchenna Ani profile image

      Uche Ani 3 years ago from Mid atlantic, United States

      I am very sorry to hear about your incident. Hope future forecasting can help in terms of early evacuation.

    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 3 years ago from Georgia

      I never knew that AZ had monsoon rains until my son moved out there... I was amazed... I also had never experienced a flood in my home state... the dam broke once, but never a flood.

      Where I live now, we had a flood from days of heavy rain. The devastation was unbelievable! entire homes and businesses under water... and all because they were build on a known flood plane... I still don't know how the builders could have gotten away with that... whole neighborhoods, parks, ball fields, it was terrible...