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Florida Laws

Updated on July 23, 2013

There has to be better Laws in the state of Florida. George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin and walks out of court a free man. Where is the Justice.

Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville Florida a 31 year old mother received a sentence of 20 years for allegedly shooting warning shots at a wall at her abusive husband. Alexander told the police it was to get away from him beating her.Marissa Alexander claimed self-dense to her charges-because no one got hurt.

The Stand your ground law states that a person may justifiably use force in self defense belief of an unlawful treat.

If Trayvon Martin was the aggressor under the "Stand your ground Laws"he had every right to protect himself against the person who killed him.

Laws in Florida has to be changes. Alexander was issue a protective order, against her husband, she's the one in jail.

George Michael Zimmerman harass, stalked and confronted seventeen year old Trayvon Martin, murdered him and set the stage for self defense

After Listening to one of the Juror, she never consider Trayon Martin side because if she did, George Zimmerman would be in jail..


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