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Folklore Creatures Part II

Updated on January 6, 2012





Loch Ness Monster


Creatures of Folklore, Mythology and Legend

· Witches- Witches and Wizards are well known all over the world. They are said to possess magical powers and perform spells referred to as “witchcraft”. The female version of this creature is usually referred to as Witches and the male version referred to as Wizards or Warlocks. More often than not Witches are referred to as being evil and dangerous. Not very often do they use their powers for good. During the Middle Ages in Europe many men and women were tortured and even killed after being accused of practicing witchcraft. As it was assumed these people also worshiped the Devil. The most well-known witch hunts were those of Salem where in 1692 many people were executed for supposedly practicing Witchcraft.

Jorogumo- The Jorogumo originated in Japan. It is said to be a very large spider like creature that can change its form to a seductive women. The legend is that the Jorogumo would change its self into a women playing a Japanese lute usually wearing a mask to hide her true appearance. While unsuspecting mean were distracted by her beauty and the music. She would entrap them in a silk spider web. After trapping them in her web she would eat them. A Jorogumo is created when once a spider reaches 400 years of age. Not all stories of the Jorogumo are perceived as evil creatures however. One legend suggests that a Jorogumo once lived in a waterfall and actually fell in love with a man.

Ala- The Ala is a female demon originating in Bulgarians, Macedonians, and Serbs folklore. These demons present themselves in the form of a horrible hail-producing thunderstorm. However, the Ala may also present itself as anything from black wind to a humanlike or a snakelike monster. They are known to destroy crops, vineyards and steal loot. At times they were said to steal and eat small children. This demon is so powerful it is believed that the cause of solar and lunar eclipses is the Ala trying to eat them. If the Ala was successful at this it would mean the end of the world.

Ailuranthrope- Also known as the werecat. Is similar to a werewolf with cat-like features rather than dog-like features. This werecat, like the werewolf is considered to be a shape shifter. However, this shape shifter can only transform into one type of feline. Some of these felines are entirely fantasy while others transform in domestic cats, lions, lynx, ect. The term “werecat” was not coined until the 19th century. Therefore, other terms had been used in earlier times. Werecats are now known almost worldwide.

Aswang- An Aswang is an evil combination of a witch and vampire like creature originating in the Philippines. The Aswang is a shape shifting creature who takes a human form during the day and some type of animal form at night. There are very little details about the Aswang as it is a term commonly used to describe all evil monsters. They are said to eat the heart and liver of small children in order to live on. Years ago the Aswang was blamed for such events as miscarriages, ect. Today the Aswang legend is used to protect small children from danger.

Dragon- The idea of the Dragon exists in many cultures and many myths. A Dragon is a large creature possessing reptile like qualities or resembling snakes with large wings and the ability to breathe fire. However, some stories of Dragons suggest that they are poisonous rather than fire breathing. Dragons are usually perceived as evil creatures except in Welsh folklore and present day fiction. Dragons are often said to possess some sort of magic or supernatural powers, they represent spirituality, power and are often seen guarding some sort of treasure. There are many theories about where Dragons originated from. Suggesting that Dinosaur bones were mistaken as Dragon bones, or that people had mistakenly called snakes, Dragons, when they possessed some sort of deformity. Another theory suggests that Dragons actually did exist, but like the Dinosaurs eventually died off.

Pegasus- Pegasus is a very well-known creature that originated from Greek Mythology. Pegasus is a white, winged horse like creature known as Poseidon’s Horse-God. Pegasus is actually a son of the Gorgon, Medusa. Pegasus was captured near a fountain by the local hero Bellerophon who was unable to ride him due to Zeus creating an insect to bite Pegasus and buck Bellerophon off. Pegasus actually allowed Poseidon to ride him in order to defeat the monster, the Chimera. Pegasus is believed to symbolize many different things depending on the legend. Symbolizing things such as wealth, wisdom, poetry, and spiritual energy.

Centaur- The Centaur originated in Greek Mythology, Assyria and India. The creature is part man and part horse. The upper body of the creature is that of a man. While the hind part of the creature is that of a horse. These creatures are often thought of as wild and untamed creatures even though they appear to be part man. The Centaur was usually very hostile towards humans as it roamed in herds, usually drunk. They wiped out fields and raped women. Centaurs symbolize violent lust, adultery, the Devil, and brutality. The represent the battle of the heart between good and evil. Chiron was a different type of Centaur as he was both wise and kind. People would send their children to him so that he could share his knowledge with them.

Fairy- Many, many fairy legends exist around the world. All with different descriptions and stories of these mythical creatures. Most commonly fairy’s are described as human like in appearance, yet smaller and often have wings. However, many years ago it is said that Fairy’s either appeared as tall, large, beautiful creatures. Or short, ugly, troll like creatures. Neither with wings. These creatures possess magical powers in which some use for evil while others use their powers for trickery. A Fairy’s weakness is said to be iron and was often used as protection from these creatures. Due to the amount of different types and stories about Fairys. A Fairy may be described as the living dead, demoted angels, and demons. Some cultures suggest that a Fairy will play beautiful music with their flutes to lure curious humans to them. Once they capture a human they are never to be returned.

Loch Ness Monster- The Loch Ness Monster is a very well-known lake monster that lives in the Loch Ness of the Scottish Highlands. Back in 1933 was the first time that this monster had been brought to the public’s eye and there have been sightings ever since. The Loch Ness Monster or “Nessie”, is considered to be a large aquatic animal, almost jet black in colour. Some photos and videos have been taken of what is said to be Nessie however to this day no one knows for sure whether this monster truly exists or not.

Basilisks- A Basilisk, like the one used in the Harry Potter Series, is a large lizard said to be the king of all lizards. The Basilisk is also known as a serpent and may be referred to the king of serpents rather than the king of lizards. This mysterious monster is said to be able to kill someone with a single glance. It is also said the Basilisk is so poisonous that it leaves a trail of poison behind it as it slithers across the ground. The only way to ward off or harm a Basilisk is with the scent of a weasel.

Troll- A Troll is of Norse Mythology and Scandinavian Folklore. These creatures are said to live under rocks, fallen trees, mountains, caves and even in family units. Trolls are never kind to human beings and are at times even considered to be quite dangerous. Trolls are often described as being large, old, ugly, strong, slow and dim-witted in nature. With oversized, hair ears, and large noses. Sometimes Trolls were also described with have Cyclops eyes and even tails. It is often believed that a Troll will turn to stone when exposed to sunlight.

The Black Dog- The Black Dog (aka Hellhound) is just that a large black dog with red glowing eyes (sometimes yellow and glowing), and sharp canine teeth. The term “Black Dog” is believed to have originated from the British Isles. This Black Dog only seems to appear at night and is often associated with the Devil. This Black Dog is often associated with electrical storms, death, places of execution and crossroads. The Black Dog does not usually cause harm directly however it is believed that if a person looks into its eyes three or more times they will die. These dogs are often guardians of supernatural treasure or some sort of underworld.

Yeti- The Yeti is a large ape like creature who lives in the Himalayan region of Nepal, and Tibet. In earlier times it was believed that the Yeti carried around a large stone as if it were a weapon. And made an eerie whistling noise. Although there has been no proof of the Yeti reports of sightings and strange tracks are still coming in.

Kraken- The Kraken is a legendary, overly large, greatly feared sea monster resembling an oversized octopus. It Is said to reside off the coasts of Norway and Iceland. The Kraken is known to attack ships at sea until they sink. The Kraken will then either eat the men on board or they are left to drown. The Kraken was so large that is was often mistaken for an island or a bunch of islands.


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