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Food storm in 20 years

Updated on January 24, 2011
Hunger is a reality in the world since many years
Hunger is a reality in the world since many years

Food production

John Beddington, the government's scientific adviser in London, England, says the world has 20 years to produce about 40% more food, more than 30% of potable water and 50% more energy.
They are statements that arise at a time when a UK government study supports the sustainable production of more food to end world hunger.
The field work involved for two years, 400 experts from 35 countries.
One indication of the document that emerges is recommending changes in agriculture, taking into account climate change. They are changes that suggest options such as the use of nanotechnology, cloning and genetically modified technology.
But it will be an easy road to travel in a world where there are already hungry for decades?
The study acknowledges the difficulties. Supports this reading of the fact that more people are in danger of starvation have less influence in decision-making of their governments.
In this sense, the study states that must be created mechanisms to hold governments and food producers to provide accounts of progress in reducing hunger. And besides, in the fight against climate change and increasing food production.


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