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Foolproof ACT Test Practice Tips: 6 Vital Steps To Remember

Updated on July 13, 2018
WinnieC76 profile image

Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

Take ACT Practice Tests As If They Were The Real Thing!

You need to keep the most important tools in your ACT test prep toolkit, and one of them is ACT practice tests. ACT test practice resources will orient you to the real thing. These study materials will familiarize you with the instructions, type of questions and the test strategies of the ACT. If you’re planning to do an ACT test practice, it should be in the most efficient manner, considering that it would take you more than 3 hours. Here are nifty and fool-proof tips to guide you about taking ACT practice tests.

  • Look online for a credible ACT practice test resource, such as Test Prep Toolkit. ACT test practice materials found in this online study guide have been carefully crafted by expert mentors and test-makers. They are patterned according to real ACT tests, and they come with straightforward and easy-to-understand explanations and answers. Consider that your test practice and review materials are crucial in preparing for the ACT, and you therefore have to be particular about them. The best thing about ACT practice tests in Test Prep Toolkit is that they are easy to access and are free.
  • Take a reasonable amount of practice ACT tests. Not that you have to take hordes of them, but if you’re starting your test prep very early, it makes sense to take 1 ACT practice test a week. In fact, experts recommend that learners take one full-length practice test every Saturday of their test prep schedule.
  • Take your practice test in a quiet place and without distractions. The following places are major no-no’s to take your ACT practice test: while you are baby-sitting (even when the kids are asleep); if your bedroom is shared where there is always the risk of you being distracted by your roommate, and any location where you’re bound to leave sooner or later, such as the doctor’s clinic, while you’re on the go, or in the study hall, among others. Most of all, don’t take your mock test in a loud place. On the other hand, ideal places where you should do your test exercise are public libraries and university libraries. Your school library may not be a good place for this task because chances are, your classmates might come and bug you.
  • Do your practice test task on a Saturday morning. Why? It’s because actual ACT tests are given on that day and time. You may find that taking a full-length practice test early on the weekend could be difficult at first, but you have to learn to get through the process. Your goal is to build up your stamina mainly because the ACT test is a lengthy exam. You could opt to take the same test on Sunday mornings, but such a day is better off spent reviewing and analyzing your practice exam.
  • Create your own mock ACT test conditions. Other than making sure about the silence and continuity of your test schedule and location, you should ensure that you are emulating the actual test conditions of the ACT. For instance, don’t eat or drink anything, or leave your seat during your testing time. Just like in the real ACT test, you should adhere to the allotted 10-minute break between the Math and Reading sections, and another 5-minute recess before the Writing test. At the same time, you should strictly keep to the designated time limits for each section in the ACT test.
  • Score your test on the same day (or the next day) when you took it. It’ll make you master the test more especially because the questions are still freshly retained in your mind. Refer to an ACT Test Grader online or from your local library or bookstore to accomplish this task.

These are some of the vital tips and strategies to consider when doing ACT test practice as you are prepping for the big day.


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