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What are the Basic Types of Fractions, Fraction Parts, & the Basics of a Fraction?

Updated on June 26, 2012

Fractions - The Basic Parts

Fractions! Okay I know not everyone loves fractions as much as I do. So here are the basics

Numerator - the number that is on top

Denominator - the number on the bottom

Fraction Bar - that nice little line between them - the fraction bar also means divide, a fraction is really just a division problem that we are too lazy to solve

Improper Fraction - a fraction who has a bigger numerator is top heavy and needs to be changed

Mixed Number - contains whole numbers and fractions

Improper fractions and mixed numbers can covert back and forth to each other. Take a look at the bottom photo. See how easily five halves can be changed to a mixed number.

Don't forget that any fraction that has the same numerator and denominator is equal to the number 1. It is similar to having a whole pie. I ate 2 of the 2 pieces of pie no matter which way I look at it I ate the whole thing even though I can try to convince myself I only had two pieces.


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