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Frameless glazing Lumon Finnish Restaurants in Canada

Updated on December 12, 2016

The building was adjacent outdoor terrace cafe, where you can invite guests only places in the summer. In the context of the upcoming cold weather early unprotected from the wind and rain veranda was not the most profitable in terms of business decision as idle for more than six months a year. To increase the operational period, the owner of the guest house in Kent Luke turned Lumon company, where he was offered the option of frameless glass balconies.Cafe Terrace at the guest house Old Settler Pub. Photo:
This type of glazing is designed to protect unheated premises from adverse weather conditions. The difference Lumon technology is that the opening does not close the windows, and the sheets of tempered glass thickness of 6, 8 or 12 mm, which are without frames and vertical racks are inserted into horizontal rail fixed to the ceiling and parapet railings restaurant terrace.Glass is easy to move in the direction of ARDS in the extreme position they form a book, allowing you to completely release opening. For greater stability of the whole structure - when the flaps are open all - they are special locks, latches additionally secured to the lower profile.

"Glazing terraces increased the time of its use from six to ten months a year!- Luke says Kent - it gave me the opportunity to accept more guests. "Enclosed space and has acquired an additional function - from a street café is transformed into a comfortable room for the party, which holds a large company. In the hot summer months the glass panels are usually pushed to the wall, and a terrace still functions as an outdoor street cafe hall.Cafe Terrace at the guest house Old Settler Pub. Photo:
The secret of the reliability of the Finnish system of frameless glazing Lumon - in its simplicity. Designs do not require maintenance and special care, the system is durable and perfectly manifests itself in countries with high-risk climate.


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