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Fraternity Rushing: How to get a bid

Updated on October 9, 2013

You're tired of being a GDI

You've spent a couple of semesters already and you have very few friends or maybe some of your friends have decided to rush and leave you in the dust. That just sucks. Being a GDI sucks. That's just the plain truth. 90% of the hottest chicks on campus are sorority girls, and they don't date GDI. Most of the 10% of the hottest chicks that aren't Greek are taken by Greek guys. So you've decided you want to become a part of an elite class of partiers that wear expensive clothes, drink uncontrollably and slam girls. Well I only have one thing to say. F*ck you, you GDI piece of sh-t!

First tip: Dress nice.

If you try to walk into a Fraternity house with cargo shorts on, you probably won't make it through the door. Wear a nice polo with regular shorts. And unlike high school, it is actually cool for guys to wear short shorts now. The shorter the better. Chubbies with American Flag design = Automatic bid. Also, wear nice shoes. Flip flops are okay, but nothing says automatic bid like a pair of Sperry's. Try to get fucked up at this house too. These guys want to see if you can party, so get drunk. And bring your own alcohol to share with the brothers. They want to see you kissing butt, because you are going to be doing it a lot as a pledge.

Next tip: Don't be f-ing weird.

These guys want to recruit people that they can have a good time with. They don't want people who are just going to sit in a corner. Look for a halfway sober brother who looks easy to talk to. And make sure he is actually a brother. If someone there is still a pledge then there is a reason he is still a pledge. As a matter of fact, his existence in the fraternity is a gift from God, because most pledges get blackballed if they don't become members after a semester.

When you talk to this guy, remember that he is not interested in the amount of poontang you get. He is trying to recruit, yes, but he is not trying to give bids out to every weird geed that walks into his house. He is going to ask you about your grades, your major, and he is going to ask if you are interested in rush. You are going to say yes because if you are not interested, then he is not interested in having you inside the house that he pays $1,000 a semester to party in. He wants to find quality guys that are looking for a great experience that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Last tip: Let the girls talk to you.

If you are making your first visit to a fraternity house, there is no quicker way to getting thrown out than by talking to a member's girlfriend. There are single girls there, but they are more than likely not there for you. So keep quiet and be a good potential. If a girl happens to come up and talk to you, then have a conversation with her. The members want to see that you have game and can contribute towards bringing girls to the house.


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