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Fredrick Douglass

Updated on March 21, 2016

The great country of America was divided into two separate parts in the early 1860s. A war was fought among family and friends for a number of different reasons. The most commonly known cause of this war is slavery and the different opinions about it. The Civil War was fought and won by the Northern states who were in favor of abolishing slavery. After the war, there were many different opinions about what should be done with the slaves and whether they should be freed in America or not. The variety of different opinions caused many arguments and conflicts among many Americans at this time. In order to solve these conflicts, there were many meetings that were held where many people stood up and spoke out about slavery and played a factor in the abolishment of it.

The Civil War and the abolishment of slavery took place at a very interesting time in the history of America. At this time, America was considered a free country but in reality, it wasn’t free at all. There were a lot of things that are completely different from nowaday America. At this time a man named Frederick Douglass played a big role in the abolishment of slavery. He was an African-American man who was a great example to other African-Americans who were afraid to stand up and speak for themselves. Obviously Frederick Douglass wanted all of the slaves to be freed and treated like American citizens, but that was not all he was concerned about. At this time in American history, there were a lot of people who were treated as minorities. African-Americans, Irish people, women, etc., were all treated poorly because they were not the typical man from England. Frederick Douglas noticed this was a big problem and had the courage to speak up about it. Not only did speak up for the slaves, but he spoke up for all of the minorities. He wanted everyone in America to be equal.

With the help of Frederick Douglass and many other social reformers, slavery was finally abolished in 1865. Even though slavery was abolished, African-Americans still did not share the same freedoms as other Americans did. Yes, they were no longer slaves, but they were not allowed to do a lot of different things, such as vote. In a handful of states, African-Americans were not allowed to have certain jobs. This made it very difficult for African-Americans to find jobs, so some would resort to going back to the fields where they use to work. Although a lot of things changed after the abolishment of slavery, a lot of things stayed the same.

Slavery was accepted in America until 1865. After many years of people trying to stand up for slaves, their voices were finally heard and slavery was finally abolished after being a main reason for a civil war. Many people were happy because it was abolished and they thought that things would immediately take a turn for the good, but they were wrong. African-Americans were not given many freedoms that are enjoyed today. They were still treated as a minority and were not allowed to participate in many activities that other people were able to. Although the effects of the abolishment of slavery were not immediate and African-Americans were still treated poorly, it laid the foundation of how things are today. A free and equal America.


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