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Free Marathi Ebooks

Updated on March 23, 2012
eSahitya Prakashan - Free Marathi eBooks
eSahitya Prakashan - Free Marathi eBooks

Officially and Legally Free Marathi eBooks

Today, we are talking about officially and legally free Marathi Ebooks available over internet. "eSahitya Prakashan" brings us all these free Ebooks in Marathi language. What is this "eSahitya Prakashan" is about?

eSahitya Prakashan

Three years ago "eSahitya Prakashan" has been founded to promote the Marathi Poems published over Orkut Community "Marathi Kativa". The purpose of this Online Marathi Publication is to create free online Marathi literature and to promote it using Internet. Though it is all started with Marathi Poems, "eSahitya Prakashan" has never been limited to it. After publishing some online Marathi Poem eBooks, they began to publish Marathi eMagazines regularly. Within one year of it's foundation, they published their first free Marathi eBook, "Tallichi Shala" and after that they have published several free Marathi eBooks, including "Graveyard Literature", "To aani Ti", "Deshi Daruche Dukan - Maza Aatmasakshtkar", "Char Kshan", "eShala - Internet var Marathi Typing", "Savalya Mulichi Gani", etc.

They have published Marathi eBooks over various topics, like comedy, experiences, stories, poems, education, etc. One should read these Marathi eBooks, bringing high quality Marathi literature online over Internet. we should welcome this step taken by "eSahitya Prakashan". Every publication of "eSahitya Prakashan" reach upto the thousands of Marathi People around the globe. They distribute their publications via Email. Their eBooks reach into the Inbox of Marathi People. The eBooks by "eSahitya Prakashan" are free of cost and they get very good response from the public.

Legally Free Marathi eBooks

The books from "eSahitya Prakashan" are legally free. If you want to read all of their publications, those are available over This website is perticularly about information of Internet in Marathi language, but on this website, there is section about legally free Marathi eBooks. You can read free Marathi eBooks from there. You can read those eBooks online or download them on your computer. All these eBooks are in PDF format. You may distribute those eBooks to your family and friends. All they want is recognition!

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    • profile image

      yuvraj kadam 3 years ago

      Hi.mi yuvraj kadam mi hi Marathi kavita lekhan karto.tar pls mala margadharshan mi kuthlya prakare aplya kavita prakashit karoo shaktoo.(majhi aarthik paris shtithi tevdhi nahi. So pls.)

    • profile image

      PRasad 6 years ago

      what is exact site address?

    • profile image

      tuljabhavani 6 years ago

      You can download tuljabhavani mahatmya in Marathi as ebook from

    • profile image

      Gauri 6 years ago

      I want to publish a marathi book on Manusmriti written by my grandfather. I want to publish on internet so that many people can read it. What is the procedure? Also do u provide physical publishing of book

    • profile image

      anjali puranik 6 years ago

      I want to become member but could not sign up.