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Are You in Need of Free Max Models?

Updated on July 15, 2011

Free Architectural + 3DS Max Model Blog

Free 3ds Max Model is a blog dedicated to the display and distribution of free 3d models, all of which were created with the 3ds Max suite. The artist provides renderings of architecture and character models as well as 3d renderings of miscellaneous objects. These models all share a distinctly playful and whimsical style that is a refreshing change in a sea of otherwise rigidly digital creations found on other web sites.

The 3d manga character is a perfect example of this style. The colors are lighthearted and create a playful mood when being viewed. The eyes of the character are typical of the manga style, but carry their own distinct style simultaneously. The level of detail is impressive, particularly in the hair and face. This character has just that-- character. She is not just another bland cartoon but instead has her own style and personality.

The architectural renderings are the highlight of the blog, and are clearly the focus of this artists study. Each of the structures carries this playful style that has been mentioned previously. Apartment building #1 is the highlight of the show, and clearly the artist invested a lot of time on it. It is highly detailed, with exquisite woodwork on the rooftop patio, a stylistic choice found in many of this artists architectural renderings, particularly the pergola models. The distinct pastel color scheme is found in the architectural renderings as well. This creates a relaxing mood that is welcoming to the viewer.

The deli mart and mini shop push the cartoon aspect of the artists style quite far, but remain tasteful enough to still be considered realistic renderings.

The miscellaneous section contains renderings of a spaceship and Zelda inspired sword, further clues to this artist's playful outlook. I was surprised to see a short animation of the spaceship zooming through open space. The surprise was a pleasant one, and I am left hoping to see more of these type of animations in future blog posts.

The sofa table set and entertainment center renderings in the miscellaneous section show that the artist is also capable of very clean and industrial renderings. These models are very tight and detailed. The sofa and table look like they belong in an advertisement in a hip magazine.

The artist also provides a brief blurb with each model post. This explains briefly some of the specifics of the model and what was required for its creation. This provides an interesting perspective into what is required in the creation of such a model.

All of the models posted on the website are free to download and use however a person desires. This is surprising considering the scope and quality of the models. There is a link to the artists Turbo Squid account, should someone desire to purchase the rights to the model directly.

These free 3ds models can be found at Free Architecture 3D Models


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