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Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - Don't Get Cheated

Updated on March 25, 2010

Reverse Cell Phone Scams are not FREE

Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Scams

Why would anyone want to do a free reverse cell phone lookup? Are we just so curious as to that number appearing on our caller id that we don’t answer because we don’t know who it is yet are so curious to find out that we will take the time to log onto the computer to try and find out?

Over the past few years I’ve had my share of Cell Phones. As plans change and services offered get better or worse we have all encountered good reasons to switch carriers. And I like most people and probably you get our share of calls that we do not answer because we do not know the number. For me I figure if they don’t leave a voice mail then it is not important and I have better things to do. End of story right? Well usually right up to the point that the calls become increasingly irritating and are from the same number over and over.

Now it’s time for me to do the reverse cell phone look up so I can try and figure out how to stop the harassment. And surprisingly the Cell Phone companies are no help. In fact at one point I kept getting calls from a company in the wee hours of the morning so I decided to call T-Mobile (Yes I’m calling them out!!!) and ask them how to stop the harassment. And you know what they told me? They told me to call the number and ask them to stop. Brilliant! The telephone company telling me to do their job.

Actually I had done this PRIOR to calling T-Mobile. And when I dialed the number what I got was an answering machine that said something like “Sorry we missed your call, but don’t worry we will call you back”… then it hung up.

Surprising? Not really. It’s just a scammer harassing me. I told this to T-Mobile and they said there was nothing they could do. I said why? I can’t get the calls to stop, I can’t use your phone service if I am getting harassed. And instead of trying to help me they basically told me “Tough Shi*”. So it didn’t take me long to dump T-Mobile.

You would think that would be the end of it right? Wrong! I was past my two year contract with T-mobile so there was no reason why I shouldn’t just cancel. Besides if you can not appreciate a customer who has had service and never missed a payment for more than 2 years then what kind of Company are you?

Here is what T-mobile did AFTER I canceled my service with one of their managers. They continued to bill me. I wrote them telling them to stop. But they kept on billing me. So I went to my bank and filed a claim with the Credit Card company to which they did not within the required time frame reply to. So the bank reversed the charges. Thanks for harassing me T-Mobile.

And you know what they did next? They sent the unauthorized charges to collections. That’s right for my years of T-Mobile loyalty they SENT ME TO COLLECTIONS for money I didn’t owe and for service I never used.

That is some kind of customer service don’t you think? Provide ZERO help, and then bill for services that were never provided, then instead of trying to fix the situation they harassed me and tried to ruin my credit.

This is how Corporate America Treats ordinary people. And the system is always in their favor because it is so difficult, time consuming and expensive to fight the credit agencies to get bogus bills removed. Then Corporate America turns around and uses your credit score to gouge you more by raising insurance rates automatically based on credit! Or deny you loans you need to run your business or purchase a home.

And what did I do wrong? I chose to end Cell Phone service because I was being harassed and couldn’t get help? So yeah I had a reason to use a free reverse cell phone lookup but it didn’t help me at all.

Reverse Cell Phone Look Up Scams

Now if you want pay $15 to $40 to look up a phone number online then more power to you. But you might be surprised to know that you can do for free what the websites do for a free. Reverse Phone Directories online are nothing more than elaborate scams. All they do is access the exact same information you can find yourself online. They even say this and most have a “we do not charge if you don’t find a number online policy”. Why would they do this? Simple because they are doing nothing more than taking your money. These companies have no access to Cell Phone company recoreds.

Websites selling reverse cell phone lookup services are not affiliated with phone companies they are just scraping public records. If you want to get free public records use Google or try one of the free sites like ZabaSearch.

Here are a Few Companies that are Taking Advantage of the Uneducated

Reverse Phone Detective

· $14.95 to $39.95

“These records are collected from public information and other sources.”

Well if you buy into this one then it’s your own fault. They clearly state where the information comes from. Other sources is a bogus made up phrase that means nothing.

Reverse Mobile

· $14.95 to $39.95

“We do not create or have control over the quality of or accuracy of data presented as a result of these searches”

Really so this company can not even provide you with a claim of accuracy. And why would you pay for inaccurate information?

This is a big money scam obviously as this company also operates these websites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Looks like duping the public is a pretty lucrative endeavor.

Public Records Pro

· $2.95 per month “Billed in one easy payment” Actual Cost $35.40

This is actually comical… what a deal, billed in one easy payment for your convenience. Who are the people getting suckered by this type of illogical statement?

“Our company specializes in collecting, sorting, and indexing massive databases of information from around the United States. Sources include county courts, federal databases, and hundreds of various municipality websites.”

Well actually their company specializes in taking money from dumb people. These scams wouldn’t exist if people would just use common sense.

Reverse Phone Check

· $14.95 to $39.95

“We have been dedicated for years to systematically gather more databases, sources and data center links to provide our members with the highest possible level of investigation services.”

Indeed “for years”… clear back to 2005. And how could they not be legitimate they have a website and a Post Office Box!

Accucom Corporation
P.O. Box 1452
Boston, MA 02117
Created on: 28-APR-05
Expires on: 28-APR-13

Well there you have it! Cell Phone Reverse Phone Search companies are scams and there are no legitimate FREE Reverse Cell Phone look ups. None, neg, nil, zero, zip, ziltch.

FYI: These companies are not doing anything illegal, they are just taking advantage of uneducated people.

Who's Calling? Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

When caller ID isn't enough and we just have to know.
When caller ID isn't enough and we just have to know.


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  • TroyM profile image

    TroyM 7 years ago

    Ditto - -great to know, thanks!

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    MK 7 years ago

    Great info. Thanks for posting

  • H P Roychoudhury profile image

    H P Roychoudhury 8 years ago from Guwahati, India

    good to learn.