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Free horoscope prediction: Best personal forecast & relationship compatibility reading online

Updated on March 11, 2012

Horoscope prediction

Horoscope is an interesting topic for many and even the so called techies or modern guys are interested in their or others horoscopes. The number of people getting interested in horoscopes is also rising these days.Say it marriage, love, career or for the future forecast of your children regarding their career etc, people are interested to foresee themselves. This is clearly seen by the rise in websites which offer the predictions and also the popularity and commercial aspect of so called astrogurus is rising.

Education:It is also interesting to hear that there are very reputed institutes which offer the astrology courses at all the levels after schooling. One of such best University I came across is Banaras Hindu University, India.

Types of horoscope or astrological predictions.

1. Based on birth time: This is basic principle in Indian astrology and perhaps the most accurate prediction. This prediction concentrates on the star constellations, their orientation in astrological chart at the time of birth to forecast your future.

2. Palm or Foot sole reading: This is rough way which predicts your characters based on the lines or curves on your palm. Each curve or line indicates an aspect of life like marriage, lifespan etc..

3. Nadi astrology: Here your finger print is used to compare & coincide with leaf recordings which are already written and also believed to contain your prediction.

4. Tarot reading: This I feel is a chance reading (like a lottery). You select some cards which posses your prediction at the instance.

5. Chinese astrology: Here you are compared with any of the twelve animals in Chinese astrology. Your characters are similar to that animal. But the animals assigned to you are particular for an year. So those born in that particular year, all of them have same prediction ;-).

6. Western astrology: This is based on zodiac sign assigned based on your birth date. It is a broad prediction for set of people with same zodiac sign. These zodiacs are sunshine type. They are allocated across an year and all people of the zodiac are presumed to have same forecast of their future.

Free horoscope prediction

Free horoscope prediction is very possible and basic information is offered at free of cost. What you need for this is your exact date, time and place of birth. If you are not aware of them then the western art of prediction by zodiac sign by monthly basis of your birth is offered. But this is very broad and doesn't forecast you precisely.

If you do know the date, time and place of birth then you can predict by the great Indian system of astrology which is largely accurate forecast.

Luckily there are many websites which offer basic information of you or your loved one free of cost.

Some of them which I recommend are.,

These offer free reading of you, your beloved and also about your marriage and love compatibility without any hassles of payment or prior registration etc.

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Relationship compatibility

Horoscope compatibility: This may be needed to decide your girl or boy friend as your spouse, your friendship with a person or partnership in busyness.

The relationship compatibility predicts the chances of disputes can rise in a relationship. They even can recommend a remedy for it.

For free reading you need to know the the exact birth date and time for calculation based on Indian astrology. If you donot know the exact timings of birth then zodiac signs of both persons are compared for their compatibility.

For the compatibility horoscope you can visit the www., and www.

What to consider in astrology

If you are interested in your prediction find out by the above mentioned methods. But remeber the following.

♦ It is testified that a person’s life predictions or horoscope can be 25% influential in future endeavors and the remaining 75% is based on the external worldly conditions, experiences and also the acquaintances which he comes across.

♦ So if you get a bad prediction don’t panic but instead remember that it can only help you realize you weaknesses and there by get ready in points where you need to correct.

♦ Sometimes they offer very good solution in the form of gemstone recommendation, prayer rituals etc. as a remedy. But whatsoever remember you can lead a better life or correct something else by patience and hard work.

♦ Remember horoscope doesn't decide your life, they just say the possible characteristics based on the time of your birth. So you need to change your bad aspects and work to improve your good aspects.

When to consider astrology

Astrology need not be considered on daily basis. If you do so, you are putting your own life into the hands of astrology. But instead take astrology into your hands for your purposes.

Reference to horoscope checks are necessary in some important life phases or transitions like, starting your studies or your job, planning for your marriage etc. It may also be useful to check for your compatibility with your loved one or probable spouse or fiancee. For this you can refer to marriage compatibility sites or love readings etc.

It very much recommended for marriage, starting a busyness or building a home etc because any possible mishaps can be avoided.

Ancient Hindu culture placed a high value towards astrology as it was and is the only science or art which can predict future prospects in relations, health and social welfare.


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    • profile image

      free astrology prediction 

      5 years ago


    • bheem profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Dear a reader ! I request you to see link below for your life prospects for yourself..

    • profile image

      a reader 

      5 years ago

      respected sir, my d.o.b. is 20-03-1967, 6-40 am, bangalore. will i ever see stable happpiness in my married life

    • bheem profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the complement Voyance :-)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      that all great!


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