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Freedom to Discriminate assures a Segregated America..!

Updated on March 31, 2015

Segregation in the 'name' of religion

Early Colonization, by advanced communities started with 'Missionaries,' who were sent to many so called 'undeveloped/un-exploited' countries to enlighten or convert indigenous people to Christianity. Once Missionaries ware established in these depraved lands, a 'military force' is sent to protect and preserve the Missionary's ideologies and church who they represent. Once the protective 'military force' is established, they then open the door for business exploitation. Business exploiters, search and seize all natural and human resources. The business entities, import workers/managers to operate their enterprises. Thus we have a community evolve. This new community was established by the Missionaries and their churches. These new communities are socially economically divided, the 'privileged class' comprised of the Missionaries, their families, the military and their families, who are there to protect the Missionaries, and the business exploiters and their families. This 'privileged class' demands, new schools, churches, housing and familiar commodities, for their families.

Suburbia America and many developed communities have lead this same 'colonization' process for years. People move to a new sub-division in the suburbs, next build churches, school, and communities. Thus you have a 'segregated' 'self-contained' community, with people who think, worship and believe much the same way. Many of the people living in any particular suburb have many of the same/similar values, religious belief, and social-economical status.

We can also see this in the inner-cities. . Inner-cities are divided into 'cultural areas' (I.e. Little Harlem, Spanish Harlem, Orthodox Jews, Chinatown, Little Poland, etc.) Most of these generational residents have similar religious beliefs, and have remained 'segregated generation upon generation.Our Government Housing inadvertently segregates residents by race, family size, cultures. etc. All government housing apartments should be racially/culturally integrated, and all neighborhoods racially/culturally mixed. We must stop the segregation at the government housing level.

It is easier to survive with in an environment with people who are pretty much just like you and your parents are. We get that warm and fuzzy feeling when we operate in a cohesive group, where we never have to leave our 'comfort zone.'

At present world-wide we are confronting 'segregation in the name of religion.' It is non-confronting to stay within or around people who believe the same as we do. 'Segregation is equivalent to discrimination' in practice. One problem arises, when the ideology and practice of 'Religious Freedoms' can be blatantly used to legally discriminate/segregate, any particular group in our society. Discrimination is discrimination, it does not matter the issue, whether sexual preference, religion, age, or race. It is what it is!


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