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Fresh Meat: College Freshman

Updated on July 28, 2015

Money, Money

Students usually end up having or getting a job while attending college. Scholarships are a major part of funding schooling for some students. If you attend school, an academic advisor may be able to help get you on the right path. The next best thing is the internet. Some websites have a list of projects or competitions that you may be interested in. In your community, check out local organizations. Few will offer to pay your loans in exchange for volunteer work. Another way is to fill out your FAFSA. Even though, you may think you do not qualify, just try it. Grants and loans are available to students as well.

Show Me The Money!

Nothing is Free...

It does not matter if you are living on or off campus. Everyone needs to learn how to budget their money. As a freshman, students have freedom. This freedom includes a hefty price such as medical bills, loans, cell phone bills, gas, groceries, and etc. Sit down and plan everything out.Always have a backup or an emergency fund just in case. As you age, you will learn that coupons and sales are your best friend. Deals and bargains are everywhere if you know how to look.Sign up for emails or download a couponing app. If you have a source of income or even way to save pocket change, save all of it. Let it accumulate overtime. You would be surprised how much money you could have with the lose change in your pocket.

Prepare for Battle!

In order to win this war, you need to read up on your major. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Get ready for the classes and have the needed supplies. Do research on the major, class or even the profession. The more knowledge you have, the better off you will be! Also, start looking into internships or actual job openings for what you are majoring in. Companies are always needing fresh faces eager to learn more about the career.

Keep Calm...

Hide and Seek Around Campus?

Even if you are planning to live on campus, it might be a good idea to invest in a map and learn where everything is located. Some universities have an app with a built in GPS finder inside of it. Before your first day, map out the specific locations of where you need to go for class. This is not high school anymore, most of your classes are scattered and in different parts of the campus. If you do get lost, be patient and ask someone for help. People on campus may look intimidating, but remember they were once in your shoes.

Just a Heads Up

The first year of college is almost a repeat of high school. Usually, the first two years of college are an extension of general knowledge. Your academic advisor should assign a focus class. That would be a class concerning your major. Be ready to do book work and take notes almost everyday. I hope you like reading and listening because you need those key things when it comes to your professors. If you want to know what your professor is like, the internet has a list of websites that have critiques and reviews of the professors.Although it does not include everyone, it seems to be helpful from many students I have interviewed. Freshman year is different for everyone. Their experiences depend on their personality and location of the person.

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