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Freud's Life Story

Updated on September 28, 2011

Getting to Know Freud

A psychologist, some of this theories are accepted and some are not. He discovered the unconscious and explored dreams. Throughout all of his interesting and astounding moments, he had quite a few issues with his life that not even he understood. However, to know someone, you must understand where they come from.

Freud existed when society was extremely closed off. Certain topics were not open for discussion or even to be meantioned. Sexual actions were not highly thought of. The only reason sex was acted existed for a child or an heir. Even wet dreams were thought of as deamons having sex with a person while they slept and considered a sin. This might be odd as the action is completely normal and happens to both sexes. As you can see, the Victorian era was a time of high sexual repression.

The Early Life

His father was a wool merchant, and his mother, caring. Though he had many siblings, he was the only child to have a room to himself. Needless to say, he was spoiled as a child. His mother often called him, "my golden Siggy". When his younger brother was born, his parents allowed him to name the child. Though even as a young male, he kept a journal of his dreams.

He attended college at the University of Vienna. He graduated and had disected 400 eels and fish to study their bodies. He became a doctor and worked with cocain. Though he was oblivious to the addictive possibilities at first, he stopped proscribing the drug after a friend died from an overdose. At the time he proscribed cocain, he even sent his female friend, whome he had a crush on, cocaine from time to time. He wrote 900 love letters to the female. After a time he married in 1866 and had six children.

His Practice

Freud first studied and worked under a psychologist who focused on hypnotizing his patients. The scientists asked their patients certain questions that they did not know the answer to when fully awake. Even so, when under hypnosis, they could answer the questions correctly. Through this, Freud discovered what he called "the second mind" though it was named the unconscious. He became entirely devoted to his work. He realized some people came into the office complaining about aches and pains. However when they talked about their life, their symptoms seemed to disappear. He then believed that people only needed to talk about their life. He became famous for having his patients sit on a couch while he talked to them.

After he had six children, he gave up sex. This was quite difficult to believe since he was nicknamed "the love doctor". Some of his theories claimed sex was more important than society would have the people to believe. He was the first during this era to claim sex was meant to be enjoyable.

He actually visited America and gave lectures about his theories. Though he was not entirely liked in Europe, he became much more popular in the United States. He also belonged to a group of people, both male and female, who gathered to talk about psychology and science. Most of the members were of Jewish origins. Freud had an issue with those who disagreed with him. If someone went against Freud, they were kicked from the group. One of the people thrown out of the group was Yung, an intelligent man whom Freud got along with until the disagreements.

The Inner View

At a certain point, Freud decided to analyze himself. For years, he studied his unconscious attempting to find issues and how to fix them. One of his problems consisted of smoking. Freud smoked approximately 20-30 cigars a day. Though he claimed everything had a meaning, when someone asked what his cigar meant he claimed "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".

When studying his inner workings, his problems became worse. His smoking increased and his health sunk to a new low. He was diagnosed with cancer in the mouth. Part of his mouth was taken out and replaced by a wooden piece which could pop in and out. He hated the piece and thought of his cancer as a weakness. Soon he depended upon his daughter to take care of him. Because of his poor health, he suffered under thirty surgeries.

The End of Freud

The World War broke out and Freud needed to flee the country. The Nazi's disliked Freud as they believed him dirty because of his sexual theories. However, Freud did not realize the extent of the invasion until his favorite daughter and caretaker, Anna, was picked up and questioned. Freud and his family then ran to France, and then to London. His family depended upon him. Though Freud was hurt by the deaths of his four sisters who all met their end in concentration camps.

Even through his illness, Freud continued to smoke his beloved cigars. He also continued to see patients till his death. When the time came that nothing could be done for Freud, he asked his daughter to carry out the promise she had made to him. He had asked her to end his life if nothing more could be done. On September 23rd of 1929, Freud died from injected Morphine. His ashes remain in a vase that he owned.


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