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Nepal, Maldives and Global Warming

Updated on May 5, 2009

Nepal and Maldives

Yesterday, 2 may 2009, I read news about Global Warming and effect to 6 countries in the world under the heading Disappearing wonders of world. The effected countries are:

1. Maldives, 2. DalmationCoast (Croatia), 3. Great Barrier Reef (Australia), 4. Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), 5. The Alps (Swhitzerland);  and 6. Galapagos Islands (Ecuador).


Nepal is not listed. Some are in confusion about Nepal with Naples (Italian city).  There are some Somali refugees in Nepal who were headed for Naples but landed in Nepal. Many great people were born in Nepal. Look at Gautam Buddha, Arniko and others. Nepal is also famous for Gurkha soldiers. Some countries won in world war with the help of Gurkha soldiers.


Nepal is at South of China. The highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest with 8,848 meter high, is in Nepal. If global warming effects the Alps of Switzerland it should also affect Mount Everest. Another possibility is that Nepal has power cut of 16 hours a day as load shedding; part of measure to protect Global Warming! As a result there is no Global Warming effect in Nepal (?)


Here, I would like to highlight some of differences and similarities between Nepal and Maldives.

  1. Nepal is mountainous country, with highest level of mountain in the world, the Mount Everest, having area of 147,181 square kilometers. Maldives is on an Ocean with so many islands lowest level in the world – sea level – with about 298 square kilometers.
  2. Nepal has more population with 29.5 million people; Maldives has less population with 350,000 people.
  3. Nepal is a land locked country; Maldives is sea locked country.
  4. Nepal has more unemployment problem; Maldives has less unemployment problem, almost nil.
  5. Some office of an organization in Nepal is directed by headquarters, an office gives direction to headquarters in Maldives.
  6. In some office, an office manager is at higher level than a human resources person in Nepal; a human resources person is at higher level than an office manager in Maldives.
  7. Nepal has highest number of power off time in the world, 16 hours a day. Maldives has no power off at all, 24 hours a day power on for 365 days, except one hour a year for Earth hour.
  8. Nepal is at 27 °42’ degree north, so sun ray is always from South throughout the year. Equator goes through Maldives. Sun ray comes from North in summer and South in winter as Sun travels to 23 ° north in summer and 23 ° south in winter.
  9. Nepal has several mountain valley glaciers from Himalaya.  Maldives has many islands, 1190 islands.
  10. Nepal has high earthquake risk. Maldives do not have earthquake risk.
  11. Nepal has different languages in different parts of the country. Maldives has one language in the country.
  12. Nepal has Monsoon climate with summer, autumn, winter and spring seasons. Maldives has tropical climate - hot season throughout the year



  1. Both the countries are in South Asia.
  2. People of both the counties are very nice and gentle.
  3. Both the countries are tourist destinations countries, though Maldives has more tourists.
  4. Both the countries are SAARC members.
  5. Both the countries are developing countries, though Maldives have higher per capita income than Nepal.
  6. Both the countries are rich in culture.


We the Nepalese are much more decent and gentle. We respect others. We follow rules and regulation. We have value and ethic. We are rich in culture. I am hopeful with this small note of mine will help people around the world to know Nepal.


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