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Froebels Gifts - Math Education in its Earliest Form

Updated on March 16, 2012
Froebel's Gifts
Froebel's Gifts

Frobel's Gifts

Froebels Gifts are a set of 20 different gifts that help in brain development of young children. These gifts are about play but inside of the play is some very interesting math concepts.

These are items I would replace all the toys in my house with. If I only could buy my kids one toy it would be the 20 gifts of Froebel. I do love the boxes they come in and even the way that thought must be used in order to place them back into their boxes. These gifts are for anyone who loves 3D puzzles and objects.

These simple building pieces help kids understand the ever changing world around them which is what separates humans from other animals. This shaped many countries kindergarten programs for since the late 1800's. Creating an environment that was based on play and exploration allowed student to develop their brains and learn about basic concepts of structure and math.

These simple toys are based on building and creating. They help students see a 3 D visualization of an object which increases their ability to problem solve and think outside of the box. Putting the gifts together with positive instruction with the flexibility of student lead activities it becomes a place where students can extend their knowledge and explore their world.

Foebel Inspired Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture was inspired by the principals of building from Froebel's gifts. Frank Lloyd Wright like many during his time attended a kindergarten based on the principals of Froebel.

The flat lines and structure of Wright's work can easily be seen and put into action in the gifts. In my mind I can almost picture Wright playing with the blocks as a child and as an adult drawing the shapes out into forms and buildings.

What are Froebels Gifts?

Each gift is a different type of activity, shape, material that allows children to discover the world around them.

These play objects help children explore and think about the world in real and abstract ways that they can manipulate.

Froebel's Gift in the Classroom

These gifts can be used in the classroom as a way of introducing critical thinking and higher level thinking. These concepts are a key element to any gifted education program and the students should be able to work through problems and structure with the gifts.

There are many basic books that give "instruction" or pattern to the blocks. It is about creating and moving with in one object to create another without destroying the object. It is about rearranging an object to restore a new one and never about demolition of an object.

These building materials allow students to create, see patterns, think through the process of creation, and examine their thought process.

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