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From Limitation to Degradation

Updated on April 8, 2013

Intuition + Instinct= Experience

"Know your limitation" is an adage that folks are not always attuned to. In almost every form of human endeavour, we see people going way beyond their natural ability to perform. Talent is of course one of the keys to success, but experience remains the underlying principle in all of the success stories that we all read about in the morning newspaper, or watch on the flickering screen, or follow on the undulating green.

Success, as another adage states, has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. Failure almost always happens when people do not follow their inner voice that says: before you leap the Grand Canyon, before you traverse the Rubicon, before you cross the Amtrack rails, it is always a good idea to stop..look..listen, or you will fall into the abominable abbyss, drown in the raging river, get run over by the transiting train.

The permutations of limitation are so innumerable, that despite talent and experience, human undertaking and the success or failure that goes with it, should never be measured by the toll ( human or material) it exacts, but on the soul (human and non-material) it impacts.

At this juncture, the issue of instinct and intuition comes to mind. Where do we put both of these elements in the spectrum between talent and experience? I would argue that these 4 factors are so entertwined, both linearly and circularly, that there is just no way to tease them apart without degrading one or the others.

Meanwhile, on the evolutionary scale, intuition and instinct did and continue to play significant roles in human activities. In the early days of our hominid precursors, when their 5 physical senses alone were not enough to guide them seek what were beneficial and avoid what were dangerous in their immediate environment, they relied mostly on their intuition and instinct.

Now that our specie have firmly established its current niche in the natural order, it seems that some of its members have lost their ability to use intuition and instinct to perceive, conceive, and receive what are not naturally susceptible to elucidation by their 5 physical senses. When this comes to pass and becomes the order of the day, the inate dignity and veracity of our specie could be imperiled.

The last sentence above may seem unduly pessimistic to most people, but I have watched with some concern the current, and what seems to be an unrelenting, societal march of atheism and its bastard progeny, secularism. The believers/followers of both belief systems have been very vocal about overturning the spiritual underpinning of theism, and in the process, severely limiting, what used to be free and willful expressions of piety, trust, and generosity.

The question is: Would they succeed? I doubt it very much for one very simple reason-- their lack of empathy for human intuition and instinct not fully informed by their 5 physical senses, is just too much of a leap to actually pass the "stop-look-listen" test i.e. cautionary experience of knowing what your limitations are. Their over-reaching could in fact be their undoing.


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